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Happy Friday

June 3, 2011

The sun is actually shining in Seattle, which always puts me in a good mood and the weekend is almost upon us.


The scale was kind to me this morning and I am less than a pound away from my before-Memorial-Day- pigout-getaway weight. Eric and I ventured to the wilderness of Mt. Hood over the holiday weekend which means we got into our car drove for 4 hours to a 5-star mountain resort where we drank way too much Oregon Pinot and overstuffed ourselves with Northwest cuisine for three days straight. This obviously caused my weight to sky rocket to 130lbs, and I have been working on bringing it down ever since we got home, my never-ending cycle of weight loss.

Domino, our cat, was just as excited about the nice weather and decided to wake us up an hour early at 5am so I am pretty tired this morning. I also have not been able to get to sleep by my usual bedtime of 10pm over the last few days. I blame the blog as I spend way too much time in the evenings planning the content to share with my reader(s). I know it might not seem so, but even the silly posts I’ve done so far get my brain jazzed up so I end up tossing and turning trying to fall asleep. I am sure this will start to die down as blogging becomes just another daily routine for me and so far I am loving this new, previously untried hobby so I am willing to let it mess with my sleep for a bit.

I did not roll out of bed until 6:30, so I feel very rushed today. I made our usual lunches for work:


I decided to switch it up and went with peaches and cottage cheese for my mid-afternoon snack as I picked up a few Oregon peaches on the way back from our trip.

I had my usual breakfast and a daily dose of vitamins:


I can’t wait until dinner. I am making wild salmon patties I picked up at Trader Joe’s. Have I declared my unconditional love for TJ’s yet?!

Got to run to a work meeting now. I promise to blog some more meaningful material in the evening when I get home.

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