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My longest run so far

June 5, 2011

With the warmer weather, it’s time to take my new running shorts out for a test run. I am a big Nike fan for when it comes to my athletic clothing. Their sizing seems to be consistent. The fit is great for my body type. They hold up well in the wear/wash cycle, and I can often find good deals online, so when I saw these shorts on sale, I was quick to snatch them up in preparation for my half marathon in July. The majority of the running shorts seem to be made for skinny-long-leg runners, which obviously does not work for me, so I’ve been sticking with capris for most of my runs up until I came across these Nike shorts. They are longer in the leg, but not as long as bike shorts, which is perfect for real ladies with real thighs to prevent chafing. They don’t ride up and have a good size pocket in the back where I can easily stash my Zune.




So after I prancing around in my new shorts, I had my usual Kashi GoLean breakfast, vitamins and extra water and headed to meet up with a running group from my gym. My trainer (you can tell I am serious about running as I got a personal training package to help with my technique) is leading a Marathon/Half-Marathon training group, and although I am not part of her class, she invited me to join her students for the 12M run at the Sammamish trail. It was a great run. It is so much more fun to run with others than by yourself and time seems to go by so much faster. We finished the 12M in just under 2 hours, at 9 m/h majority of the time (we took brief breaks for water and photos and had to slow down in the dog park).

The first 10M felt good, but the last two were challenging. The longest I’ve gone until today was 9.5, but this could also be due to the heat (I did not bring nearly enough water). I’d like to report that the shorts performed very well, so they score 5 out of 5 in my review book.

After I got home, I  signed up for the Portland Marathon.

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  1. Ashley permalink
    June 6, 2011 5:50 am

    good to know about those running shorts- most are too short – those look a good length, & it’s great they have a pocket for storing the phone!

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