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1st training week complete

June 7, 2011

The weather continues to be good in Seattle, and since I bailed on my Friday workout, I decided to go for a run before work. The human body is a superior organism; it will try to optimize itself based on the environmental stimuli without you even realizing it. In case of running, your body will look for ways to go faster and longer by lessening the load it needs to carry. To put it in simpler terms, it is common for runners to take frequent bathroom breaks. Something they don’t advertise in Runner’s World, but something you quickly figure out on your own. You also become less grossed out by various body functions/transformations that take place during or after the run and tend to share detailed stories with pride among other runners or anyone who’ll listen.

My belly was not doing too well this morning, so I decided instead of my regular 5 mile loop to stick with neighboring streets to be close proximity to home. I was still able to cover ~4.4 miles this morning in 38 minutes, which is about 8:38 per mile.

After the run, I chose to go with a high protein breakfast – egg thin sandwich (Oroweat Sandwich thin whole wheat bun, 3 egg whites, ½ laughing cow wedge). I added some paprika to egg whites for more flavor.


My favorite thing about running is that even when I feel drained (I will be going to bed before 9pm today, as I have not gotten an 8 hour sleep for over a week now), running for even half an hour is a great energy boost. I chose to ride my bike to work to continue the exercise high. I am, by no means, a hardcore biker like the ones you can easily spot on the streets of Seattle. I usually cruise on sidewalks on my yellow Novara Comfort bike called Flirt (this should help set the context for what I refer to as “biking”).

You can count on one hand the number of times I’ve biked to work, but since we’ve come back from Amsterdam (I am convinced Amsterdam is the biking capital of the world; how else could Dutch people stay so thin with all those munchies and apple pies around) I’ve been inspired to use my bike for commuting, at least when it does not rain.


I wish I could pull off the European lady style of biking, but most of the time I resemble something like this with my hair sticking up for the rest of the day.


Today marks the start of my 2nd training week, so Mondays seem like good checkpoint days to ensure I am on track and make any adjustments going forward.

Goals for week 1:

Mon: Rest (Since this Monday was Memorial day, I ended up running 5 miles instead of taking the day off. Starting strong!)

Tue: Cross-train (Courtney gave me a butt-kicking workout with a sequence of lat pulls, push-ups, shoulder presses and burpees, plus 30 minutes on elliptical.)

Wed: circuit training + 3 miles (I made it to the circuit training class where we used resistance bands and did hill work on treadmills. I finished off with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on my own so in total I covered 3.5 miles.)

Thu: Easy 3 mile run (I just can’t do 3 miles, unless it’s a 5K race. The first two miles is just a warm up. By 3rd mile, I am getting my running grove on, so I ended up running 4.5 miles and walking for 0.5 mile for cool down)

Fri: circuit training + 3 miles (This is where I fell off the wagon, and replaced the happy hour workout with the old-fashioned happy hour. I did workout my jaw muscles, but I don’t think that counts. For next week, I will substitute a Monday workout instead)

Sat: Bikram Yoga (I flipped the Sat and Sun sessions and joined a running group from my gym for a 12M trail run. I made it to Yoga on Sunday and even biked to the studio and back burning additional 450cal. Stay tuned for the details of my first Bikram experience)

Sun: 12M (It was a push since the longest I’ve gone before is 9.5, but I did it in just under 2 hours)

Total miles run this week: 25 miles which is 4 miles over planned.

Nutrition: I kept up with healthy eating for most of the week coming in under my calorie budget 6 out of 7 days. Even my Happy Hour restaurant choices were relatively good and the extra calories did not derail my weight loss. I am half a pound away from reverting the damage of the vacation binge weekend.

Jane’s Addictions: I already have 8 posts (9 if you count this one) since I started the blog on June 2nd with 199 hits (so what if half of those hits are mine! There is no way to tell for sure Winking smile ) My goal is to blog at least once a day on a consistent schedule to keep my readers checking back regularly.

I feel really good about my progress so far but I know the upcoming week will be more of a challenge. Work is getting busier by the minute and with Eric’s birthday extravaganza it’ll be hard to find time for workouts and blogging this weekend and I know there will be lots of tasty temptations.

How were your workouts this week?

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  1. Mark permalink
    June 7, 2011 5:51 am

    Just wanted to post and say I think your blog is awesome!

    I can’t believe that you ran 4 miles BEYOND your goal in the first week. You make everyone else look bad.

    How do you stay so motivated?

    • June 7, 2011 10:49 pm

      It’s easy to log some miles when the weather is nice outside. I get easily bored running on treadmills so 3-5 miles is all I can do at the gym, but outside it’s a different story. The days that I have no motivation, are usually the ones that I need to run the most, as after I am done, I feel so re-energized and more positive. After a while running becomes a drug, I start craving the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement and the wind blowing in my face.

  2. June 9, 2011 3:41 am

    So true about the belly “issues” I have found that on my longer runs if I take a snack & some kind of electrolyte water I don’t have that issue anymore – plus I just feel better.


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