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Salmon Cakes

June 8, 2011

I finally get to make salmon burgers I picked up on the weekend. I pulled them out of the freezer this morning, so they were ready to be cooked when I got home.


Instead of the recommended grill/fry cooking directions, I chose to bake them in the oven crab salmon cake style and serve with brown rice and baby broccoli.



The whole preparation took 20 minutes thanks to the microwavable pre-cooked brown rice pouches, and voila!


Since Eric and I hardly eat anything with salt we found the patties to be more on a salty side even though they only have 380 milligrams of sodium. The teriyaki sauce that I drizzled on top did not help with the saltiness but did add a bit of Asian fusion to the meal. I am still on the fence about whether I’ll be purchasing these again. Tomorrow we’ll try them burger style to see if they go better with buns.

For dessert, I whipped together yogurt parfait. I use Greek yogurt for its creamier consistency and twice as much protein as regular yogurt. I prefer Plain Fage Total brand and add 1/2 tsp of splenda and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract if I want a sweeter base, or use it as is and top with 1c of sliced berries and 1/4c granola.


What’s your favorite healthy dessert?

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