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Trick or treat?

June 8, 2011

It’s 2pm and you finished lunch about an hour ago. It’s too early for your mid-afternoon snack and you are not really hungry, but you have this unsettling feeling that is slowing turning into a craving for something sweet or salty (in my case it’s usually sweet, although ever since I started running more I’ve been craving carbs like bread, crackers or cookies). So you wait it out, take a few deep breaths, try to lose yourself in the work email or distract yourself by browsing the web. You go for a brisk walk to get some water or chat with a co-worker, but the craving is still there. It’s magnifying! The less you try to think about it, the stronger it gets. So what do you do now? Do you give in and head to a vending machine or do you keep trying to suppress it despite how agitated you get?

Food Choices Cartoon

Well, I guess it depends. I often fall victim and give into my cravings. Luckily, I have discovered some “better” alternatives in our vending machine at work like roasted peanuts or almonds, beef jerky, or if it’s must-have-carbs-or-die-day than I go with pretzels, or popchips are even better. The 2oz bag only has 100-120 calories, 3g of fat and 16g of carbs. Cheddar are my favorite.


Warning: must be purchased in 2oz size bags only as highly addictive and may lead to over-consumption.

But lately, I’ve discovered a couple of tricks to fight my sweet tooth: Teavana flavored teas and Extra Dessert gum in Mint Chocolate chip.


Ever since I moved to Seattle, I’ve started drinking more tea. I guess that’s an expected transformation with all the rain and the coffee shops (just to be clear, I am talking your usual Starbucks and Seattle Bests, not Amsterdam-like coffee shops Winking smile). The first time I was introduced to Teavana was about a year ago on the way to the Godiva store in our local mall (Finally, someone was thinking – Put a tea store next to a chocolate store and offer free samples in both = happy customer every time). A friendly voice asked me if I wanted to sample some hot Youthberry tea. “That sounds good!” I thought. I like the taste of anything that prolongs my youth. The tea smelled of raspberries and oranges and it tasted sweet without any sugar, so I figured I’d pick some up for home. After I found out it was $12 for 2oz and I would need to get a special canister to store it for additional $6 plus an infuser to actually make the tea I decided to pass  (I was not ready to pony up over $20 on a little bit of tea while I can get organic Yogi tea for less than $4 at QFC) but a tea snob in me was born so I went to to learn more about their products. Turns out they carry all sorts of interesting tea types and flavors. As my tea taste buds matured over the passing year, a couple of weeks ago I decided to actually order some Teavana tea: Cacao Mint Black tea and Weight to Go (Strawberry Puerh tea). These two flavors are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The first is very rich and full bodied and smells of dark chocolate, with a bit of a minty taste. The second is light and fruity which is more suited for summer days. From 1 teaspoon, I can usually get two or three 12oz cups of tea (I got some paper filters, but you can use a small infuser as well) and both teas seem to satisfy my cravings quite well as they are relatively sweet without any strong aftertaste that some teas have. The next ones on my list to try are Cocoa Praline and Strawberry Slender.

What teas do you fancy?

My other trick is to chew gum. I particular like the new Dessert Delights gums by Extra and apparently chewing gum also helps to relieve stress making it a perfect option for afternoons at the office:

How do you fight your cravings and do you win?

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  1. Rachel permalink
    June 8, 2011 5:59 pm

    Fighting cravings is tough for me. I do a better job with portion control of my cravings. For example, if I’m really craving chocolate or something, I’m okay with just having 1 hershey kiss. Doesn’t kill my calorie count and it makes me happy 🙂

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