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Another R&R Day

June 10, 2011

It’s amazing how good I feel after uninterrupted 7.5-hour sleep. I woke up two minutes before the alarm went off feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world Run and Ride part of the day. I started off with my usual morning routine of drinking coffee, hitting the bathroom, checking mail, packing lunches, making the bed, feeding the cat and eating breakfast (not necessarily in that order and not necessarily one at a time– I’ll let your imagination run wild.)

According to “You on a Diet” book written by Dr. Oz (he is one of Oprah’s favorite people, so we know we can trust what he says) eating same meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks helps make your good eating habits automatic so you crave bad foods less. I can attest to the automatic part. I don’t waste any time preparing my meals in the morning (at night it’s a different story). I won’t keep blogging about my week day breakfast, lunch and snack as that gets pretty boring and you can just read my Routines post but I will keep you updated on any deviations from the usual. Like today for example, I switched to Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Organic Soy Milk which I am liking much more than the Light Plain Silk I used previously. Although it has 10 more calories per serving, it has 2g less sugar and 55mg less sodium. That’s something to smile about while I crunch on my Go Lean breakfast cereal.


(Thank you Trader Joe’s Addict for making these images available online so I don’t have to take them myself.)

At around 7:30, I set out for a 5 mile loop. My legs were sore from the Heavy Tuesday and Circuit Wednesday, so I came in a bit slower than usual with 5.4 miles taking me 46:31, which is ~8:37/mile.

I have a new profound appreciation for drivers that are respectful of runners/bikers, the ones that actually slow down or stop in advance to wait for you to cross the road. My pet-peeve are the ones that are so unaware of others that they often don’t even look at the crossroad and barge full speed ahead. Dude, just because you are lazy and in a rush does not mean you should not anticipate more calm, environmentally conscious, health focused individuals. On my bike ride to work, I saw a fellow sidewalk rider, who was wearing earmuffs and a tuque (Canadian for beanie). Today is a cooler day with a high of 65, but it’s June and there is hardly any wind. A part of me was excited that I am not the only one who rides on sidewalks, but at the same time maybe I need to switch to the road to avoid being grouped into the “Weird Dressed Sidewalk Bikers” club and maintain a “Cool European lady going to work” reputation.

Since I had breakfast at 7:30 this morning, I was starving at 10. Good thing I brought an extra snack (1/2 orange and light cheese string) anticipating the hunger my body will endure after the morning calorie burn.


(Too hungry to get a plate. The Saran wrap will have to do.)

Later in the day it’s the usual chicken, avocado with a bunch of other veggies and pear vinaigrette salad for lunch, greek yogurt with raspberries around 4pm and popchips before heading home. (Obviously I will need the extra carbs to keep me energized through the 15 minute bike ride.)

I am excited to cook dinner tonight: steamed organic green beans, baked chicken breast with honey BBQ sauce, and my version of sweet potato fries.


I am still figuring out how to cut sweet potatoes to make them look like fries. For now, I go with half circles and half them again if they are too big. I toss them with 1tsp of olive oil, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, parsley, a bit of sea salt and parmesan cheese.


In the oven they go for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees together with BBQ chicken (Safeway brand Honey BBQ sauce, onion powder, garlic, a bit of parsley and black pepper).



I usually bake chicken in a glass casserole dish covered with foil shiny side down as I recall reading somewhere it reflects heat better and helps food cook faster.


I love having a variety of colors on my plate. One time I made turkey breast with mashed potatoes and cauliflower and it was so monotone that my light OCD prevented me from eating it. I took two bites and gave up even though it was tasty.


We can start pre-weekend celebration. Happy Thursday to you all!


I made a healthy yet decadent dessert with a Vitalicous Deep Chocolate Muffin Top, Light Whipped Cream, and just a couple of blackberries and strawberries. These Vitatop Muffins are the best thing a girl can find for 100 calories– they pack tons of flavor, rich chocolate taste and are actually good for you.


For my second dessert, Eric and I split some cherries.


Next time I run and ride to work, I should go with pie for dessert, so I can call my post “Full circle”– (circumference of a circle = 2r ).  Smile 

I am a geek, what can I say! Are you?

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  1. Mark permalink
    June 10, 2011 6:25 am

    I completely agree with you (and I guess Dr. Oz too) on eating the same things frequently. I tend to have the same breakfast every day, and I have a small number of different things that I eat for lunch/dinner in various combinations. I find something that works for me (easy to make, doesn’t taste like crap), and I use it frequently. I’m not as fancy as you when it comes to cooking stuff, but I still get plenty of variety out of it.

    The vitalicious CranBran muffin tops are pretty yummy too. I also love the champagne pear vinagrette you mentioned here (and mentioned in another post I think). Kinda tastes like a really sweet honey mustard to me.


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