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U Turn

June 14, 2011

Happy Monday! Happy Week 2 Checkpoint Day!

My exercise has been strong and once again I’ve exceeded my total mileage goals from last week (I am patting myself on the back while typing this). I am particularly delighted that I got to bike to work twice which was not an explicit part of my training program, but so good for the environment and extra calorie burn.






Resting is hard for me, and since I reversed Bikram and long run last weekend, I ended up running 4.4 miles and biking to work instead.


Cross training

Check. Heavy lift day + elliptical for half an hour.


Circuit + run 3M

I made it to the Happy Hour circuit training class where I ran for 1.5 miles steady and finished off with 2 miles of intervals.


3M easy run

I covered 5.3 miles and biked to work again.


Circuit + run 3M

I yoga’ed instead as I was going to be out of town on Sat morning.



Full day of birthday fun with no time to squeeze in a workout.


9M Run

I ended up doing the super challenge of 11.75 miles

Total Run

18 miles

~25 miles

The part that’s been lagging behind is my nutrition. I have not been good to my body while pushing it to perform harder each week, which concerns me greatly. When you get lost or off course, your navigation system will remind you to take a legal U turn at the next available intersection. Same concept can be applied to your diet. (Thank you Dr. Oz for this profound analogy that I can pass as my own.)


How do you make a diet U Turn?

1. Stop beating yourself up for all the fatty, sugary, fried goodness badness you’ve consumed recently. There is nothing you can do about what’s already been processed by your body. No point in feeling bad as it will only depress and discourage you from proceeding forward.

2. Commit to making a change starting today, whether it’s incorporating more exercise, getting to bed earlier, being more positive, or making better nutritional choices. The key for me is reverting to wholesome clean eating.

3. Motivate yourself to get focused. This is different for everyone. Find what works for you like read some inspirational stories, look for a mantra or a quote to repeat in your head, get a pep talk from a friend/family member, look at fat/skinny pictures of yourself, stick a “STOP!” post-it on your fridge, or be like me and just do them all.

4. Get rid of trigger foods. Everyone has foods that you can’t just eat one of and which cause the downhill effect, so you can’t have them in your house.  Due to my deeply seeded childhood food issues, I can’t bring myself to tossing edible items out, so I bring them to work to share with co-workers or send them with Eric as he has way more portion control when it comes to snacking.

5. Cleanse and detoxify. I started my morning with a green smoothie for breakfast and a large cup of green tea. I have two green smoothie recipes that I developed during my vegan must-lose-ten-pounds before the wedding days.


For my Mango Green smoothie, blend together:

  • 1 celery stalk, chopped
  • 1/2c of mango slices
  • 1c of milk (I prefer soy or almond)
  • 1c of ice (1/2c water + 1/2c ice if using frozen mango slices)
  • 1tbs of natural peanut butter

6. Prep healthy lunches and snacks for the week. I make my usual lunch salads in batches of 4. I cut up and portion out all the veggies and chicken, and then each morning I add avocado and vinaigrette individually. I don’t have to think twice about my lunch and snack choices for the week which minimizes my temptations.

7. Plan out dinners for the week and stick to the schedule. Once I start asking myself what I am in the mood for tonight, I enter the danger zone – right now I am in the mood for something crunchy and then my mood changes to something sweet, and the next thing you know I’ve consumed 500 calories before actually deciding what I am making for dinner.

Here is what’s on the menu in our house this week:

Monday, Tuesday – Sirloin tip beef roast with baked sweet potato and broccoli (Simple yet delicious)


I can’t eat plain steamed broccoli, so I add a touch of Smart Balance, salt and pepper.


Wednesday – Baked Copper River salmon with roasted asparagus

Thursday – Turkey burger with grilled veggies

Friday, Sat  – Turkey cutlets with green beans and couscous medley

Sunday – Dinner out

8. No food after 8pm. Treat your body on the inside as you do on the outside. I need to remind myself of this constantly. I have an evening ritual for my exterior, like brushing and flossing teeth to avoid cavities and gum disease; washing dirt and makeup off my face to prevent breakouts, moisturizing my skin to fight wrinkles, but I tend to overstuff myself right before bed putting my organs into overdrive instead of restful sleep. Why can’t I show the same care and discipline to my innards? This is my biggest downfall. I can eat perfectly all day, but come evening hours I am gorging on everything but the kitchen sink. From now on, I will have my dessert at 8, brush teeth and turn off the kitchen lights.

9. Cut out Limit alcohol. It’s ok to have a glass of wine or a beer once in awhile, but those calories add up fast if you add drinks to dinner every night. My plan is to restrict alcohol to weekends only (in moderation) and preferably pre or post meal in place of an appetizer or dessert.

10. Add some balance. You can’t live your life in a bubble away from all the delicious culinary delicacies. If you completely deprive your body of treats, you will reach a bingeing point, where your desires will take over and you overstuff yourself like a thanksgiving turkey. Instead, take one day a week to treat yourself to your favorite meal or a real desert. One meal won’t make or break your diet, but will make you feel rewarded and satisfied so you can stay on track for another week.

Now all is left to do is stick to the steps! Easier said than done! That’s why I am writing them down, so in my moments of weakness I have something to refer to. I am writing this as a guide for others, so I need to set a good example myself!

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