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Leftover Roast Night

June 15, 2011

After an intense workout session with my trainer (way too many suspended pushups) and 35 minutes on the elliptical, I was happy to find leftovers from last night’s dinner waiting for me to reheat.


The above was Eric’s plate. No way I could eat all that meat Smile Mine had a much more appropriate serving of 4oz.


At 7:45pm I enjoyed a chocolate Vita-muffin with raspberries and whipped cream for dessert and a large cup of Yogi’s Burberry Slim tea.


Time to turn off the kitchen light and brush my teeth. As Dr. Oz says, it takes two weeks to make an eating pattern automatic. I just need to stick out closing the kitchen down at 8pm for 12 more days, and after that it’s an easy walk down the yellow brick road (well, maybe, not, especially not in those stilettoes Smile)

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