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Let there be lightest!

June 15, 2011

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over two weeks and not a single post on shopping! You might actually think that I have not bought anything… hehe…Little do you know!

With the latest advancements in technology, in particular the widespread adoption of this magical thing called the Internet, businesses were quick to realize that there is unchartered consumer demographic, like me, that is willing to spend significant amounts of $ on goods offered online. I call it virtual shopping.

1. It’s fast and convenient. You can place an order while drinking coffee first thing in the morning, or in the car (but not while driving), while watching TV, or waiting for dinner to cook. Impulse shopping could not be easier! Great for the economy, but might not be for your wallet.

2. Shopping the way it’s meant to be. I love coming home and finding a parcel present on my doorstep. I run into the house pushing the cat out of the way and tear the packaging apart. I unwrap the tissue and plastic and breathe in the new item smell. It’s so nicely folded. I feel guilty to pull it out. I might actually be the first person to ever try it on (unlike in the store where the items are tossed, hung, stepped and pulled on.) My absolute favorite is that I don’t have to keep dressing/undressing. I can try things together in the convenience of my own home, mix and match different outfits, wear the item for a couple of hours to make sure it’s truly comfortable and I won’t change my mind. I can make a whole Friday night out of it. There is no trick lighting or mirrors, no annoying sales associates, no lines to wait in, no fighting another girl for last item in your size, no fitting rooms (I can’t stand those tiny little booths with a see-through curtain that never seems to close right. You have to walk out for everyone’s amusement to see your reflection in a mirror as you are bursting out of an ill-fitted dress. I am convinced they design fitting rooms like this on purpose as entertainment for sales associates at fancy boutiques.)

3. Best deals and special online offers. I am a sucker for a good deal. For me, it’s not the dress-up that appeals to me in the shopping game– it’s hunting for the best deal. I am a classic Econ 101 case, where the more I save, the higher my consumer satisfaction. Eric keeps reminding me that the original prices are listed exactly for that purpose to get suckers like me to pay the “sale” price which still has enormous mark-up, but I don’t care. I see 50% off on Stuart Weitzman I am going for it, like bull after a red cloth. Another perk is that if it’s an out of state purchase (for example, we don’t have Bloomingdales in Washington state) then I don’t pay taxes. That’s a 10% savings right there!

4. Free shipping and returns. Zappos is fantastic example of virtual shopping malls with excellent customer service. (Their business model has been recognized in a number of studies and books.) Free overnight shipping and free returns! I can buy a pair of shoes (no tax), have it on my doorstep the next day, and if a year later I still have not worn them (which sometimes happens when you have as many shoes as I do), I can send them back, no questions asked. Amazing!

The challenge of course is that you can’t actually feel or try on the items before you buy, so the return rate is high. As my husband often points out, I am the only person he knows who goes to the mall with full bags (of returns) and comes out empty-handed. I will try to limit my posts to the items that I actually end up keeping so I can update you on their review over time.

Let me introduce the latest addition to my New Balance family – the 890 Women’s Running shoe! The lightest running shoe on the market weighing 7.65 oz. (Original Price $100, Price I paid $87.60 with tax and $20off coupon at


"Before you remove new running shoes from the box you must smell them. Open the box, peel back the tissue paper. Behold those pristine shoes. Then lift the box to your face and breathe deeply. MMMM-m-m. Smells like…potential"- Steve Remy


I am a New Balance girl. I’ve tried Asics and Mizunos but both seem to have too high of an arch support and caused horrible blisters on my feet (thank you Zappos for refunding my money even after I ran in them). I’ve been doing most of my running in the 1064s which I got in the beginning of this year.



The 1064s are still holding strong (although I should calculate the miles I’ve done in them. You are supposed to replace running shoes every 500 miles) but I’ve been searching for another pair to rotate through. The 890 ad caught my eye. Even though I have not taken them out for a spin yet, my trial walk around the house scored very good. They have plenty of room for my toes but still feel snug and supportive. The arch is just right so I am optimistic they won’t cause any irritation. I am curious to see if the lightness will help with my performance. I kind of wish I went with the black and purple pair though– way swankier! An exchange might be in the near future.


What are your favorite running shoes?

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  1. Ashley permalink
    June 15, 2011 5:25 am

    I agree – shopping online is much more fun -I just LOVE knowing I have something waiting for me at home – somehow it is more exciting :). Great shoe purchase by the way!


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