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June 18, 2011

After my PB over-indulgence yesterday and my husbands request for ketchup packets in his lunch, I was determined to find pre-packaged options that we can both easily take to work. (Measuring out servings of peanut butter and stealing picking up ketchup from the cafeteria seems like a big hassle to me.) My first stop was amazon; however, I was not ready to commit to 100 little Skippy cups for $25, so my search continued, until I came across this site: This is a single serving size heaven where all the over-eating sinners like myself must shop! You are probably thinking, so what?! Many places offer pre-packaged single servings, even your basic grocery store like Safeway or a bulk store like Costco. Huh, this is where I tell you, that on Minimus you can just buy one mini-item. For $0.07 you can get one packet of ketchup, or for $1.25 you can get a small box of 8 band aids (although I don’t know anyone who can’t fight off band aid cravings and tapes 30 all over their body. You are probably way better off buying a regular box and carry a couple in your first aid kit). I am pretty sure the site is targeted for whole-sale buyers like hotels, restaurants, vending machines, etc., but they offer free shipping on all orders over $20 and no tax when shipping to WA state, which is a green light for me. I had my eye set on Justin’s nut butter packets as they are organic, with no added sugar and less processed than other brands. Minimus seems to be the only place offering 80 calorie packs, so I got all three flavors to try:


While browsing through the mini-supplies, I came across this startling phenomenon – Walden Farms (which should be renamed to Frankenstein Monster Labs). These guys have invented calorie free foods! No sugar or no fat I understand, but no calories, that’s just plain water!? Ok, maybe they can pull off some magic with the dressings by using only vinegars, water and spices, but chocolate syrup and peanut butter?



I am half tempted to order those just to see if there are hypnotic fumes coming out of the jar to make me think I am eating peanut butter instead of air. On the other hand after reading the ingredients, I am not about to poison my body with chemicals I can’t even pronounce.

The fun did not stop there. Gnu bars were my next discovery. Now this product is more up my alley, all natural, low calorie, high fiber from oats and whole wheat. I had to get a sampler of every flavor.

7 Bar Sampler

Next stop – Artic Zero. This stuff is expensive, but all the positive reviews had me intrigued, so I decided to splurge. Unfortunately, the individual pints are only offered in stores in California, and chumps that are stuck in rain have to buy 10-packs (as you obviously crave ice cream on those grey cold days). Hopefully, I have enough space in my freezer to store 10 pints.

This concluded my search for weight loss wonders for now. I can’t wait to receive my samples galore in the next 3-5 business days and tell you all about the new products I’m trying.

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  1. Mark permalink
    June 19, 2011 3:57 am

    If you’re having ice cream cravings, Fred Meyer and QFC have these little tiny single size servings –

    They aren’t quite 1 pint though. I think the cals range from like 130-230, depending on the flavor. Apple Pie, Cookies N Cream, Rocky Road and Drumstick are all really good.

  2. Sam permalink
    June 24, 2011 3:52 am

    Actually I live back east and get my Arctic Zero at Whole Foods. Their store locator on their site lists over 40 states. Just some FYI.

    • June 24, 2011 12:28 pm

      Thanks for the tip Sam. Unfortunately, the closest place that carries Artic Zero is 25 miles away from my house at Custom Smoothie downtown Seattle. I am going to drop off a request form at our local Whole Foods in hopes they will start carrying it as well. I just received the sampler yesterday, and my favorite is Vanilla Maple so far. How about you?


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