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Rock N Run

June 27, 2011

No, I did not compete in the Rock N Roll marathon but that did not stop me from rocking 12 miles in just under 2 hours, 1:50 to be exact. My house happens to be on top of a giant hill to make it even more fun coming back from the trail. My half marathon is in 3 weeks from today, so I will be tapering down starting Monday.

Before heading out, I had a quick snack of sprouted toast with sun butter, strawberries and vitamin water. This combination seems to keep me energetic and full during longer runs.


It was a beautiful day in Seattle and with most runners recovering from yesterday’s race, the trail was far less crowded. I once again failed to configure my Garmin correctly (the little dudette has way too many options for me to remember to set. Don’t they know that more does not necessarily mean better?!) so it tracked my run as a bike ride, yielding a total calorie burn of 650. I know I tend to overestimate how many calories I burn when exercising, but I am pretty sure I burned twice as much at my 9 minute/mile pace.

I was still hungry after the black bean burger salad for lunch, so I had some yogurt with fresh raspberries.


And a couple of these later in the afternoon…


And far too many of these…


But that’s what makes it a great Sunday Smile. Eric and I are both fond of various summer wheat brews, especially when we can enjoy them outside on our deck.

What’s your favorite summer ale?

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