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Getting the groove back

July 6, 2011

As much as I love vacationing, it’s nice to be home. After a couple of days, I start to miss my bed, shower, cooking and my usual foods. The GoLean cereal and my greek yogurt snack tasted especially good this morning.


Most of all I miss our kitten, who typically greets us with angry mews for leaving her behind, but yesterday she was surprisingly good and quiet and mostly snuggled by herself. It must have been the fireworks that scared her into good behavior. Maybe next time she is giving us grief, I’ll bring out the vacuum (her life nemesis).


(In case you are wondering why I keep my mousse by the floor vent, it’s our high class curtain holder to prevent the hot air from inflating the curtains. Believe it or not, our furnace was running most nights in June.)

I started off my morning with a Bikram yoga class at a new studio in Redmond. Last Friday marked my tenth and last class at the Bellevue location so I was debating what to do next. I was getting acquainted with the instructors and starting to recognize the same faces in my 6am class (just a couple of classes away from head nodding). I liked that they offer 6am classes on weekdays just to keep my options open if one day I want to practice every morning. The biggest pain point is the commute after class as many folks are starting to head to work by then. I was all ready to join a 2 week intro at the Redmond Bikram studio as per my trainer’s suggestion when I received a groupon offer for that exact place offering 20 classes for only $30. Call it karma, faith, God, powers beyond our human understanding, random coincidence or groupon’s evil privacy tracking algorithm but something out there is making sure I stick to Bikram yoga. The studio is only 5 minutes away from my house, which makes it much more convenient, and the hot room is very large with lots of sunlight and special wooden floors which seem cleaner and more sanitary than the carpets at Bellevue. The instructor was Portuguese and looked like she stepped out of Victoria’s Secret catalogue in her little hot shorts and purple bandeau top at over 6 feet tall barely hitting 120lbs (that would be my guess.) This is obviously where the pretty people come to do yoga. I am hoping they all start out short and chubby and end up looking like Alessandra Ambrosio (I’d be delighted at that prospect). There were only 5 students in the class this morning, so the instructor spent a lot of time correcting our form (needless to say I got called out a lot.) I also got to learn the difference between “teaching a class” (every pose is being narrated in detail) vs. “leading a class” (the instructor performs the class with everyone else, announcing transitions only). Luckily, there was another semi-newbie in the class so we requested to be “taught”.

Since Monday was a holiday, I did not get to do my usual reflection post until now.

Last Week’s Exercise:






Bikram morning class and bike ride to work. Unfortunately, it started to rain, so I had my friend give me a ride home.


Cross training

Bikram morning and last workout session with my trainer.


Circuit + run 3M

Bikram morning and circuit training class. I kept the running on the down-low at 3 miles.


5M easy run

Easy 4 mile run.


Circuit + run 3M

Bikram morning and a bike ride. Had to get my bike back from the work garage eventually.



7.25 mile run before heading on the road-trip.


7M Run

Elliptical for 1 hour, weight circuit for 20 minutes + stretching for 10 min.

Total Run

18 miles

14.25 miles

This is the first time in over a month that I’ve come in under my planned mileage, but that’s because I did not account for the half marathon slow down appropriately. I am probably going to be under for this upcoming week as well– my current goal is 18 miles, but after July 17th, I will be ramping up the distance. I will be making some modifications to the original plan as I signed up for a 20 week marathon training program at my gym. The program starts on July 12th, so I will be posting a revised training plan that week.

I have done very well with my commitment to Bikram yoga, and I plan to continue with 4-5 classes a week. I consider it my active rest, as it helps my leg muscle recovery while still strengthening my core and arms. (Burning 545 calories is a huge plus as well.)

I am still in the exploring stages of intuitive eating so there are ups and downs with my eating. I’ve been listening to my hunger signals and eating more earlier in the day, which seems to prevent hunger attacks later on after work. I am learning which foods keep me satisfied longer (no surprise it’s the ones high in protein and/or healthy fat) and which just burn through my system (pure carbs like fruits, veggies, and whole grain snacks. I know they say fiber is supposed to keep you full but maybe I eat so much of it that my body is just used to it.) Even though Intuitive eating does not restrict/discourage any foods from your diet, I will avoid having trigger foods in the house (I ate way too many TJ’s Peanut Butter Brittle and Ginger Cats last week). The highlight was having a few bites of crème brûlée and letting Eric finish the rest because I was satisfied.

Focus for this week:

1. Ending vacation relapse – Get back to wholesome nutrition this week and continue with Intuitive eating approach. Even though I did not go grocery shopping this weekend, I will scramble to make healthy meals for this week with the ingredients I have in my fridge like eggs, tempeh, chicken sausages and frozen veggies. As long as I have lettuce, I can still make a creative salad for lunch with what I have on hand, like the black bean burger salad I had today.


Grapes for snack (I also had a brown rice cracker with Justin’s PB and Popchips, but did not take pictures of those.)


When I got home, I made a healthy quesadilla to hold me over until dinner. It’s the most filling 160 calorie snack I can think of. Microwave whole wheat tortilla with white mushrooms, carrots and light shredded cheese about 30 seconds on each side until cheese is melted. Serve with salsa.


For dinner, I boiled/fried chicken sausages (boiling them first reduces sodium content) and tossed together a bean salad (cooked green beans, red kidney beans and garbanzo beans, rinsed, tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. Serve chilled, preferably refrigerated over night.)


Plain tart yogurt and ginger cats for dessert.


2. Getting outside – The weather forecast can’t look better for this week, so I will try to bike and run more and maybe skip the circuit training until it’s rainy again.


3. Bikram Awesomeness – Continue with yoga. I can already notice my body changing. My posture is better, my midsection is was tighter (before the vacation), my skin is glowing and my hand grip is stronger. I am getting better as an actual yogi and my rabbit and triangle poses are very good according to the instructor today; however, I still have to work on my standing bow.

How are you recovering after the holiday celebration?

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