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Plate Licking Good

July 8, 2011

Today’s story begins with a kitten princess who was so anxious for her owners servants to wake up and play with her that she could not wait the extra 10 minutes before their alarm went off, and loud meows cries spread through the Lawrence household castle at 4:56am.


I snoozed for another 10 minutes, and then rolled out of bed. To optimize my workout I decided to run to the gym where I was meeting my trainer for a one-on-one session. Before heading out I had a piece of toast with sun butter and a few blueberries.


This was my first time trying coconut water. Coconut water is a natural liquid closest in structure to blood and has been used in the war instead of plasma when supplies were low, but I’m not convinced that it’s suitable for oral consumption. It tastes like dirty water with a weird aftertaste. Yeek!

When I got home, I was starving which made sense since I just ran 7 miles and did 55 minutes of circuit training, burning ~1200 calories. Second breakfast of toast, Laughing Cow and fried egg.


That hit the spot! I was not hungry until 12:30. Lunch was leftover quesadilla and bean salad. (It was in tupperware but the photo from last-night makes for a better visual.)


Two small snacks followed later in the afternoon.


I love the taste of Fage yogurt, but their container is so tiny that when I mix in the fruit section and the Uncle Sam’s, it starts to spill over. They need to rethink the design.


I had a late conference call so I needed a pick me up.


I am opposed soda but this was a rare occasion where I needed an extra boost of caffeine to hold me over for the call. I only ate 1/2 the bag of Smokehouse almonds. I am the clean-your-plate, polish-off-everything-in-front-of-you type, so this is a big intuitive step forward.

Dinner was quick and easy.


Throw all ingredients in a wok and stir fry until done. Top off with some crushed peanuts and a few rice chips.


This was also my first time trying tempeh, and it was pretty blah… Tasteless, grainy, calorie dense mush. Don’t think I’ll be getting it again unless I come across some interesting suggestions on how to cook it.


So far my day’s been pretty on track, but this is where I drifted off course. I spotted a ziplock bag with the last batch of Ginger cats at the top of the fridge (I either did not hide them well, or they crept out on their own to tempt me). But I forced myself to eat some fruit before pouncing on them. I had a brilliant idea of using up my last Hazelnut chocolate butter packet as a dip.


Justin’s Hazelnut butter, you will be truly missed!


I stopped myself halfway through the bag and switched to cherries while contemplating what I was craving next. I settled on the remaining 1/2 pint of Artic Zero (only 75 calories after all) that I topped off with a bit of dried coconut mix.


There goes 15 minutes of hoovering I won’t get back! This is when I finally heard the little muffled voice inside say “You are full!” and went to brush my teeth. I am done for the night!

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