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OOBA’s Friday

July 9, 2011

This week just flew by (having Monday off helped keep the work week short and sweet). I started off my Friday morning with a GoLean Breakfast cereal, blueberries and soy milk. I usually don’t match my food and plates colors. That would be just a touch too obsessive even for me Winking smile


Feeling warm and summery (mostly due to hot yoga I did earlier in the morning), I attempted to make ice coffee. I chilled leftover coffee in the fridge for an hour, added a cup of Almond Vanilla milk, stevia and a few cubes of ice. Turned out pretty good, but Eric did not like it as much. He tends to like blended coffee drinks more. Oh well, more for me Smile


Like clockwork, my belly growled for a mid-morning snack at exactly 10:30


For lunch, I met up with Rachel and Claire at OOBA’s Mexican Grill. We went gaga over Claire’s handsome companion Oliver.

WP_000145 WP_000144

…But no cute baby can come between me and my Salmon Tostada salad. You can’t even see the salmon filet buried under all the toppings. I love Mexican cuisine, so much food and flavor for relatively low calories. I could not finish the entire plate and tossed the leftover 10% and all of the chips.


Nevertheless, the mountain of food I had for lunch did not keep me full for long, and at around 4 I had a snack of fruits (but skipped the nuts).


Interesting facts I learned today: Apricots are only 17 calories each, a plum is ~40 and a peach is about 50, so the 5 pieces of fruit I had were ~130 calories which is almost the same as a large apple (but I am not counting calories, remember Winking smile)

Don’t want to toot my own horn, but dinner was fantastic: Roasted chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and sweet onions, sprinkled with olive oil and lemon pepper. I made two nights’ worth, so I can take a break tomorrow (Saturday) night.



The brown stuff is Trader Joe’s Hickory BBQ sauce. It added perfect amount of kick to the dish.

It would not be Friday without some decompressing time.

IMG_5006 IMG_5012

The real dessert followed a few hours later after some relaxing on the deck, kitchen cleaning (because I am pathetic it’s more fun to scrub counters and cabinets after a couple of glasses of wine), and a trip to a grocery store to pick up a container of strawberries and somehow ending up with 5 grocery bags full of stuff.


Do you ever do house chores on Friday night?

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  1. July 9, 2011 3:54 pm

    I guess Mexican salads were a trend yesterday! Yours looked a bit better than mine though! I love Salmon! Dinner looked great too!

    I do chores either Friday nights or Saturday morning… in fact I am doing them now, just taking a bit of a break! Happy Saturday!

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