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Canadian Sound of Music

July 22, 2011

Sorry friends to leave you waiting to hear from me until now, but last night instead of my usual living room scenery and after-dinner blogging ritual, I was picnicking at a Chateau, drinking fine wine and listening to great Canadian Music (Sarah McLachlan and friends).

The concert took place on the lawn at the Chateau St. Michelle Amphitheater.

Chaute Ste. Michelle Winery

Beautiful location and luckily the morning clouds have dissipated in time for the concert.


This was the first time Sarah performed at the winery, and her and I were big fans of the never-ending wine access. Sarah could not enjoy the wine until after the show and stuck to honey lemon water (she was kind of needing her voice), so I had to drink for both of us Winking smile

IMG_5336 IMG_5363

How can you say no to a $10 bottle (or two) of Columbia Valley Riesling on a beautiful summer day?

Another perk to outdoor concerts – great hot dogs, and not just regular hot dogs, but low fat chicken and turkey sausages. I had a southwestern 1/2 chicken and 1/2 turkey sausage, but it’s all the toppings that turn it into a meal.


There were lots of tender moments between me and my Frankfurter.


We flirted for awhile. I pulled out all my tricks – big smile and playful sparkling eyes.


After checking each other out from every angle, I could no longer resist and made the first move.


I was careful and gentle as we shared a special bond with no messy moments.


Caramel Corn was an excellent pairing to the medium-sweet Riesling.


The concert started promptly at 7 with Sarah appearing on stage right away. She decided that instead of having someone open for her, her friends (Butterfly Boucher and Melissa McClelland) will play a couple of songs throughout the show.


Sarah is fantastic and her voice is amazing! The acoustics were excellent. They must have used some top-notch surround-sound equipment as we could hear every word making singing along so much easier and less irritating to our neighbors instead of me making up wrong lyrics.


(You can see Sarah at the piano behind my giant head.)


She is so talented, switching between piano and guitar throughout the show. I could not even make it as a Balalaika player back in kindergarten, so I am overly impressed with anyone who can strike the right chord, and playing more than one instrument while singing blows my mind.


I was breaking concert rules at this point getting close to the stage and taking photos when cameras were explicitly prohibited. These rules make little sense to me, as they allow cell phones which nowadays take just as good of pictures and video recordings as cameras.


I was getting dirty looks from the security people, so I quickly ran back to my seat (glad I am good at this running thing, it comes in handy Winking smile).


We had such a great time that we did not even notice the three hours fly by. We made the right call by parking in a more expensive lot as we had no traffic getting out and I was happily passed out in my bed by 10:30pm.

[Jane Asks]: Who is your absolute favorite artist? Mine would have to be Pink Floyd.

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  1. Erin permalink
    July 22, 2011 12:41 am

    Elton John because no one rocks it on the piano like the Rocket Man. Hav


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