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Captain America

July 23, 2011

It’s a happy sunny Friday and Captain America is opening in theaters near you. Eric and I actually got to see it last night, before the rest of the world at a private viewing as a work morale booster. Smile


I am not much of a super-hero-follower/comic-book-reader/action-figure-collector but I have to admit I really enjoyed the flick:

  • For starters, they had great cast and both Eric and I agreed that Chris Evans was a great choice to represent a strong American soldier (not overly muscular but nicely built, pretty blond hair, deep set blue eyes, chiseled face and husky voice. Ok, I will stop daydreaming now.) I also have a soft spot for geeky shy boys who have big hearts and are smart and powerful (just like my hubby), so I felt lots of compassion for the main character.
  • The 3D was well done and a nice complement to the action scenes. I tend to get nauseous and headachy watching 3D movies, but this one had a good balance throughout the entire file with really cool action parts. (There was a team of 100+ people working on 3D effects for this movie.)
  • I also liked the graphics and special effects they used to overlay Chris’s head on some poor dude’s skinny body. (Eric was not nearly as impressed with this, but I thought it looked very real.)
  • There were some sweet humorous moments that got me to chuckle and as a whole I left the movie theater with a big smile on my face.
  • The love story was a bit weak as they did not develop the connection in depth but I noticed this to be the case with all the comic series like Ironman, Hulk, etc.

All in all I give it a B+. Good Hollywood blockbuster that even non-action gal like me would enjoy! The biggest let down was my lack of self control when it came to the peanut M&Ms (free candy is never really free, and you end up paying for it one way or another!)


With all the outings this week (the concert on Wednesday and the movie on Thursday), my dinner choices have not been the healthiest and my sleeping has not been sufficient. I could feel the side-effects full force in my yoga class this morning. I was losing balance and tumbling during the standing series (I felt pretty embarrassed as I usually set up at the front of the class). My hamstrings were very tight, and I felt heavy and stiff. I was really close to giving up and walking out of the room in the last half hour.


But my mind was stronger than my body and I somehow managed to get through. As soon as the last posture was done, I bolted out of the classroom, skipping the last savasana, where all you do is lie still in a dead pose. The overnight oats tasted so good after the very difficult yoga class.


Even though it’s Friday, I was craving a home-made meal so we are having dinner at home.

Hummus Veggie platter as a starter


Baked wild salmon, quinoa and roasted asparagus


After we are plopping our over-active butts on the couch for some much needed downtime with our favorite funny girl.


I know the rest of the country has been battling a heat wave, while Seattleites are blessed with October-like weather and are desperately praying for some warmer days. I am pretty excited about the sunny forecast:


This means there will be plenty of grilling, beering, and running this weekend. I am doing another RAC to Redhook Super Challenge on Sunday. Here is the recap from the one in June and here is my run schedule if you want to see all races I plan on running.

[Jane Asks]: Who is your favorite comic book hero? Growing up in the USSR, I used to love Spiderman cartoons from the late 60s. My dad had to sneak them in from the black market. That was before Toby Maguire turned Spiderman into an overly-sensitive loser with vampiric taste in women (Kirsten Dunst, seriously?!). Now I think I like Ironman the best (even though he can be an arrogant ass but at least his powers are self-made Smile).

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  1. Rachel permalink
    July 23, 2011 3:28 am

    I could be wrong, but I thought I read that they couldn’t find a skinny actor with the same mannerisms as Chris Evans, so they had him act every scene and the special effects crew “shaved” the image afterwards to make him look small. Super impressive!

  2. July 23, 2011 10:28 pm

    I would kill for that mild weather! Looks perfect! My favorite I think is X-Men. I’ve just always like that they all have different abilities. Happy weekend!


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