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RAC to Redhook Take 2

July 25, 2011

This morning I woke up bright and early and headed to the Redhook brewery to join other superchallenge participants to run ~5 miles prior to meeting up with everyone else at the RAC. It was a smaller group this time as there are no “big” upcoming marathons around Seattle and lots of folks are on vacation. It did not really matter to me, as most of the time I run by myself listening to music, but it’s nice to see familiar faces backs on the trail. This time I made friends with a nice couple who are expecting their first baby girl in 4 months.


I was glad to learn it’s totally fine to run while pregnant if you are an experienced runner and Leann ran the See Jane Run last weekend with her mom. I would hate to give up my new favorite hobby in the future when Eric and I decide to add to our family.

The actual challenge consisted of a run from RAC to the Redhook brewery with stops every mile to perform bootcamp-like exercises of squats, push-ups, lunges, one-legged deadlifts, etc. It was a beautiful summer day and the challenge felt easier than back in June as I’ve been building up my strength and endurance.

The food was even better than last time with hummus, toasted pita, fresh veggies, beef meatballs and spicy chicken wings (I only had one of those and it was my least favorite item at the buffet).


The best part was the pitcher of seasonal Belgium Wheat Ale that Drew and I shared.


It turns out that Carol, the organizer of the superchallenge, will also be running the Portland Full Marathon and she invited me to join her and a couple of others on long runs over the weeks preceding the marathon.


I’ll have to see how this aligns with my marathon training at my gym, but it’s much more fun to run for 3 hours with others. (There is only so much trail scenery and music I can take on my own.)

After I got home, I obviously did not burn enough calories or get enough sun, so Eric and I went for a bike ride to the nearby mall.


It was the frozen yogurt that was calling my name.

IMG_5467 IMG_5469

We then proceeded down the trail to Whole Foods, where a sudden hunger wave hit me and I had a giant salad to hold me over for the ride back.


This salad was the king of all salads. It had everything from the Whole Foods salad buffet, even their premade quinoa and orzo salads, topped off with fresh-pulled chicken that the guy went in back to prep just for me. I washed this $10 creation down with a bottle of vitamin zero water (got to get those electrolytes.)

You don’t need a magic eight ball to see that there will be more eating in my near future. I run to eat!image

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  1. July 25, 2011 5:02 pm

    Jane what are you using to track your calories? What app is that?

  2. July 25, 2011 5:26 pm

    Right now I don’t use anything and I am following intuitive eating guidelines and relying on my body’s hunger signals. In my earlier post, I recommended Loseit for calorie tracking: I really like it.

  3. July 26, 2011 12:55 am

    Looks like a fun Sunday! I cannot wait to get cleared to run again! All these posts make me want to go go go!

  4. July 26, 2011 4:36 am

    i want that fro yo!!!


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