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Blogging to success

July 26, 2011

This weekend Jane’s Addictions has surpassed 2000 views! Not bad for a newbie that’s been blogging for less than 2 months. Looking deeper at the stats though, I do have some concerns as my readership has halved in July compared to June. I was expecting/hoping for the opposite. Sad smile


The only explanation I can come up with (besides that my writing is getting boring which I refuse to believe) is when I first started blogging folks that knew me through facebook were intrigued and curious, but eventually my readership has stabilized with a loyal crowd.

Most of my posts can be grouped into the following categories:

I’ve been looking for patterns to better understand what makes one post more popular than another, and so far I have not been able to nail it down. What surprised me the most is that the top post is Lululemon-me-not and I have not made any references to it myself. I must have done something right (mental note to go back and re-read it). Salmon cakes got the least hits, which is a good call on your part since the Filet-O-Fish Northwest style turned out much better Smile. Most views come in during the week, while the numbers are pretty low on weekends (totally understandable as folks are out enjoying time away from their computers).

I want to keep growing my blog and I already noted a few improvements I plan to make in the next few months:

  • Migrate content to domain that I purchased on the weekend
  • Re-evaluate the categories and menu bar options
  • Add some foodbuzz flare
  • Order business cards with my blog info (I make connections with a bunch of runners at the race events and I often mention my blog, so the business cards would be pretty handy. I can also post them on bulletin boards at the yoga studio, Whole Foods, REI, Footzone, etc.)
  • Get some cool swag, like bumper stickers and car magnets. I already created prototypes (I welcome your suggestions as I lack in creativity.)
  • Host contests to give out swag to loyal readers
  • Plug into food/fitness/Seattle/ blog communities and maybe even attend a blogging seminar
  • Set up a facebook fan page
  • Invite guest writers

At the end of the day, no matter what changes I make to the blog itself, it is my readers that keep me inspired and help generate ideas for more content, so I need your help to spread the word and increase my readership.

  • Post your comments, so I know what you think and can make my content more applicable.
  • Share your opinions and personal experiences so we can keep each other motivated. Balanced lifestyle is a challenge that takes one step at a time, but it’s easier with the support of friends (cyber friends totally count). If you are shy, you can just email me directly at
  • Let me know which posts you like. What content speaks to you? What type of information you want to see more of?
  • If you like what you are reading, tell your friends/family/random people. Even if you don’t’ agree with some posts, tell them anyways. There is no bad PR when it comes to blogging. The more controversial the better! Smile
  • Feel free to link to my content when blogging, emailing, tweeting, facebooking
  • Keep checking back. I try to post daily at around 8pm PST (I’d love to do it more often, but that job thingy keeps getting in the way Smile) I have a Subscribe option on the right hand side so you can be notified via email when posts are up.
  • Visit my amazon store. Both Eric and I have at least two amazon packages arriving to our household each week, and I keep adding the things I like to my store.

Thanks for reading my random gibberish deep wisdom! I’d like to think you find my writing entreating and hope it beats watching reality TV (at least the Teen Mom Winking smile).

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