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Lunch Bag Lady

July 27, 2011

When you eat the same thing for lunch day after day, and week after week, it tends to lose it’s excitement.


So how you do add some pizazz back in? You switch your lunch bag! It’s like when you re-arrange the furniture in your room, and all of a sudden it looks and feels like a completely different place.  And so I treated myself to a new lunch bag, and not just any bag, but a cute insulated tote by Built.


The best part (besides an awesome French Bull pattern) is that it can easily fit my giant salad bowl, yogurt, dressing, fruits and probably more but I have not pushed it to its limits yet. The material is stretchy and it can be folded down when done.


Did you notice the awesome hot pink lining inside?! Smile 

No, Domino, you can’t borrow it. This bag is for mama!


Monday is usually a checkpoint date against my marathon training plan and eating goals but I was so pre-occupied with thoughts about Jane’s Addictions yesterday that I forgot to reflect on my own progress. 

Last Week’s Exercise:





Bikram Yoga

Yoga felt so good after my half marathon run.


Marathon class + 3 miles

I was worried that running so quickly after the big race might be uncomfortable but the 3-miler helped loosen up my muscles and I had a great workout.


Bikram Yoga

I made it to Bikram yet again.


Marathon class + 6 miles

This is where things deviated from the plan as last night we went to a concert and had a little too much to drink the night. I still ran to the gym (3 miles), but opted out of running back and did 2 miles of intervals on the treadmill instead.



This was the hardest class all week after a movie night on Thursday.


Bikram + 4 miles run

It was a great sunny day so I ran to yoga (5 miles)


9M Run

RAC to Redhook Superchallenge (I covered 10.5 miles in total plus the drills)

Total Run

22 miles

23.5 miles

If I only burned as many calories every day as I do on weekends, I could eat all the cannoli my heart desires Smile



This week will be interesting as I am ramping up the mileage to 30 miles.

Exercise Plan for this week:






Marathon training + 6M


Yoga + Circuit Training + 3M


Marathon training + 6M




15M Run



Eating Goals:

I have stopped tracking my calorie intake and have been mostly relying on my body’s hunger levels to decide when and what to eat but this week, I want to keep a rough estimate of how much I am consuming. I don’t want my eating to get out of control. I will aim for around 1700-2000 calories a day, even a bit higher on the days I run to avoid restricting my calories too much and overeating later. So here is what today’s breakdown looks like:

Pre-workout meal (toast, nut butter, fruit) ~200 cal


Breakfast (morning burrito with egg whites, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese) ~200 cal


Lunch (You guessed it! It’s the good old salad) ~300 cal

Snack (yogurt with Uncle Sam Cereal, Banana, PB) ~300-400 cal


Dinner ~700 cal (I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and flat breads with the girls at iPic Movie Theater in Redmond Town Center. We went just for the happy hour and  it did not disappoint)

I started with the house salad (I love places that have fancy house salads like in this case: spinach, goat cheese, strawberries, red onions)


We ordered two flat breads and they were a good size to share. The first one had artichokes, roasted chicken, spinach and mozzarella.


The second one was BBQ chicken with caramelized onions and lots of cheese.


We also split an order of sweet potato fries that had some Cajun spices on them.


Dessert and Evening Snack ~150 cal– I ended the night with a skinny cow peanut butter sandwich.

[Jane Asks] What’s your favorite Happy Hour spot?

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  1. July 27, 2011 6:26 pm

    What a cute lunch bag! And how awesome that it fits tuber ware containers.I usually bring my lunch in an old Whole Foods bag or something to that extent. Talk about upgrades 🙂


  1. Did someone call for a doctor? «

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