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Spicing things up

July 30, 2011

It all started with a half teaspoon of cinnamon that I decided to add to my overnight oats recipe when preparing it last night. Next thing I know I am mixing in a tablespoon of chia seeds as well and skipping peanut butter. (Confession: I had a bit too much of it during the week as a dip for pita chips.) Don’t worry, PB makes a guest appearance as the best supporting nut butter later in the afternoon show, also starring a Fuji Apple and three Washington grown apricots.

I topped off the overnight oat mutant with berries and ¼ cup Kashi GoLean cereal. (Hello, old friend! It’s been awhile, and we took some space, but let’s give it another shot as a topping to oats or yogurt.)


Well from this on, crazy things started happening and instead of packing my usual salad for lunch, I cut up fresh veggies with hummus as a side to an open faced egg salad sandwich. (When I was a kid back in Russia, all the sandwiches I ever had were open faced sandwiches. I’m going back to the childhood ways and skipping the extra bread.)


I toasted the bread in the toaster oven at work and my taste buds were delighted to get something warm for a change. I might get wild and try a tuna melt next time.

Midafternoon snack of apple slices, apricots and Justin’s PB.


Eric had a haircut appointment this evening, so we decided to bike to the plaza where his hairdresser is and get some dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant we both like – Mi Tierra.

Before heading out, I fueled up with my last Chobani yogurt topped off with Kashi GoLean.


The patio was packed so we sat at the bar area instead of the main dining room for a change.


They have the best tortilla chips with salsa and refried cheesy beans (and it’s complimentary). We had to get seconds!


For the main course, we split Chicken Fajitas with corn tortillas, the serving was huge.


The bike ride was so fun! It ended up being 18 miles roundtrip at ~12 miles/hour with some hills at the end, enough to burn one basket of tortilla chips with refried bean spread I hope. Winking smile

Happy weekend!


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