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Genie in a bottle

August 1, 2011

Saturday was a night out on the town. A couple of our friends happened to have spare tickets to Aladdin, the musical playing at the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle this month, so they invited Eric and I to join them. The theater is a few blocks away from an Italian restaurant I’ve been meaning to try out – Machiavelli’s. They are a cozy restaurant with unique Italian cuisine and by the time we arrived at 5:45pm they were already pretty packed, which is always a good sign when picking a place to eat.

I ordered linguine with prawns and marina sauce.


Eric went with his usual Chicken Parmesan. (Spaghetti was served on the side)


And of course, no Italian dinner can be complete without a Tiramisu. I was a bit skeptical at first as it had less cream than I am used to, but it turned out to be just the perfect amount, as the lady finger layers on the bottom were so moist with espresso. (I can’t believe I used moist. I hate that word! Gives me the creeps every time I hear it.)


Italian food always makes us happy. It reminds us of our amazing Mediterranean cruise we went on three years ago where Eric popped the question. I can’t believe it was that long ago already.



I was glad to see I am not the only one who likes Lime green in the summer Smile

After the scrumptious Tiramisu dessert, we strolled the streets of Seattle on the way to the show. It’s good to get out of Redmond, which I refer to as “cottage” country, to the real city. Even though we are only 20 minutes away, we only happen to make it to Seattle about once a month.


The musical was quite different from the original Disney’s Aladdin movie:

1. There was no Abu (Aladdin’s devoted monkey sidekick), but I guess since he had no lines in the movie it makes sense to cut his character.

Instead Aladdin was in the “Street Rats” band with three of his buddies. Those buddies also held roles as story tellers and Aladdin’s rescuers in the second act.

2. They had lots of new songs, and they covered all of the originals as well which made me happy. They did a good job with the set for the magic carpet ride.

3. Genie’s lines were re-written to include modern references like Oprah’s ending her show and even the Genie in a Bottle song. I enjoyed the new jokes but the dialog was so fast at times it was hard to keep up.

4. They had an interesting ending. Stayed close to the original, but it was very quick with less cliff-hangers. I guess that was because they did not develop Jafar’s evil side as much throughout, so they cut a bunch of drama  at the end. Interesting factoid we found out: the actor who played Jafar did the actual voice over for the movie as well.

As long as you keep an open mind and don’t get hung up on the nuances from the original movie, the musical version is very good and the choreography, decorations and the acting were all fantastic.

[Jane Asks]: What’s your favorite musical? Eric and I watched Wicked last year and we both loved it! We did not know the story beforehand and had no idea what to expect, but we loved it so much that we bought the soundtrack the next day.

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  1. August 2, 2011 1:15 am

    You look so pretty in lime green! Perfect summer outfit.

    I saw the musical Legally Blonde and loved it. Though I love the movie too. It’s a guilty pleasure, what can I say?

    Favorite musical of all times? I have to go with Les Miserables. I really love the music in Wicked though so I hope to see it soon!

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