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Seven Links

August 3, 2011

Thanks to Jane from Broccolini and Cheese, I’ve been tagged to post my favorite 7 links. It’s a game where another blogger tags you to pick the favorite post you’ve written for each of 7 categories. Yay, I am in the cool kid’s crowd! Smile

1. Most beautiful

Hit the Road Jane! was a very scenic post with lots of beautiful pictures of Oregon coast and our drunk, stuffed and happy faces.


2. Most popular

Me! Smile 

me with flower

About Jane page is the most visited so far besides home page. I feel so flattered.

3. Most controversial

Break the binge cycle – My goal was to be honest about my relationship with food and to admit that I often binge. I wanted for my readers to know that it’s ok to do it once in a while as we all go through those cycles due to negative emotions, high stress, deprivation of favorite foods and suppressing cravings. I wanted to focus on how to get back on track instead of feeling guilty or bad about it. But somehow folks got concerned that I was starting to develop an eating disorder (which is not the case). I have deeper issues than that. Winking smile

4. Most helpful

Let there be lightest – This post got a high number of hits and follow-ups so I am guessing folks are interested in the running gear I use.


I’ll keep that in mind and will keep including reviews and mentions of my favorite running items.

5. Surprise Success

Lululemon-me-not – to this day I don’t get how this is the most popular post according to WordPress stats. The content is not even that relevant anymore since I purchased a couple of yoga towels and a pair of running shorts (all on sale, I must add) a couple of weeks ago.


Maybe so many folks are fans of Lululemon that they are drawn to my controversial title.

6. Not enough attention

My race pictures don’t get many visitors Sad smile. Fairly recently I added a new page to the main menu – Races, where I list my run schedule and as I complete each event, I enter my result time. The result time is actually a link to individual race pages with all the photos. The majority of these don’t get viewed at all. Most folks just read the recaps as I publish them or have not figured out that there are hidden photos behind each time entry in the table. (Eric suggests that I should put the link on the race name rather than the time as readers might expect).

7. Most proud

For me it’s a tie between Marathon Training and See Jane Run. In order for me to even consider running a marathon, I needed to have a strong training program in place so I knew I could build up my power, strength, endurance and mental capacity. The plan is very demanding lasting 18-20 weeks, all the way until the race so I am very proud that I made that commitment. It’s the most challenging physical activity I have undertaken, so I am excited to see how it turns out (I am hoping to still smile after I cross the finish line). See Jane Run was my longest race to date, so I am proud of that accomplishment and very happy with the result time of 1h 49min.

These, my friends, are my most favorite 7 links. Now this is where I tag other bloggers to list their 7 favorite posts, and I nominate Rachel from Horton Home who is doing her first 5K race in October!

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  1. August 3, 2011 12:56 pm

    I love your race recaps!

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