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Did someone call for a doctor?

August 4, 2011

Wednesday is my second favorite weekday, after Friday of course Smile. It marks the middle of a work week which means it’s downhill from here until the weekend.

The weather has been mostly sunny in the 70s in Seattle these days, so I’ve been sticking with summery dishes incorporating as much of fresh local produce as I can.


I had every berry color on my overnight oats this morning.


Salads are a perfect summer meal with endless combinations of veggies, fruits, nuts, grains and whatever else you can find in your kitchen. For lunch I had the “Beet it!” salad with arugula, red onions, beets, garbanzo beans and feta cheese.


I also picked up a new item at the grocery store this week – Dr. Kracker Flatbread. The box has 8 crackers, each made of pure organic grains and seeds and baked as an artesian flatbread.


It turned out to be a hearty cracker at 100 calories, 5g of fat and 5g of protein.


I figured using my hand to demonstrate the size is a bad idea as I have baby hands. So I switched to a more universally acceptable tool – the ruler. It’s about 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide


I topped mine off with roasted turkey breast slices to go with my salad, but it’s also very good with almond butter (which I indulged in as a snack but forgot to photograph as I got ambushed by people in my office asking work-related questions.)

Dinner was more salads. I finished the Russian salad and made quinoa black bean leftover sausage salad. Mix together 2 cut-up chicken sausages (cooked), grated carrots, cherry tomatoes, can of black beans (rinsed), 1 cup of frozen corn (heated), 1/3 cup of red quinoa (cooked).



My weekly checkpoint/reflection post has been slipping further and further into the week. I was hoping to do it first thing on Mondays to prep for the upcoming week. Now most Mondays I blog about my long Sunday runs and weekend adventures, so last couple of times, I delayed the checkpoint until Tuesday. Now it’s Wednesday and I still have not prepared myself for the week (what a slacker Winking smile!). Oh well, better late than never, so here it goes.

Last Week’s Exercise:








Marathon class + 6 miles

I ran to the gym where we focused on overcoming fatigue, so we did hill and speed increments at the end after our regular form and dynamic stretch exercises. I finished with 3 miles of intervals, bringing me to 6 miles for the day.


Yoga + Circuit training + 3M

I did the yoga part. I have not been very motivated to make it to Circuit training these days. Maybe once it’s raining outside I’ll get back into it.


Marathon class + 6 miles

Running to the gym has become my usual Tue, Thu warmup. Eric usually drives there and does his treadmill workout and we drive back together. But this Thursday he fell back asleep after I left so I was only able to cover 5 miles overall until he picked me up.



I did my usual yoga class in the morning and biked to work. After work Eric and I went for a longer bike ride to his haircut appointment. I biked 22 miles at 11-12 m/h.


15M Run

I switched my yoga and long run days, so I ran to yoga and back (5 miles) on Sat.



I did all 15 miles in the rain in 2h 19min.

Total Run

30 miles

31 miles

Exercise Plan for this week:

Last week I did not get to bike to work much as it was mostly cold and rainy until the weekend. I hope to cycle more in this upcoming week to give my legs a bit of a break from another 30 miles of running.






Marathon training + 3M




Marathon training + 7M


Yoga + bike


Yoga + 4M


Run 16M

Eating Goals:

My eating has been poor over the last week. Too many outings (Girl’s Happy Hour; Mi Tierra Friday; Seattle Night Out) where I tend to overeat, and once I add some alcohol to the mix my healthy radar turns off. It was tons of fun though, and I compensated with making “good” recipes at home, like Tofu stir-fry.

This week I need to re-center and get my calorie consumption under control. I am feeling heavier than usual (all the water weight due to alcohol and salty restaurant food) which only makes running harder. I need a week of clean eating to lighten up. I am going back on Loseit to track my calories at least for this week, but I upped my daily calorie budget to 1650 since I’ve been burning 2500-3000.

[Jane Asks]: What aids do you use to get your eating on track? Do you track calories or cut out certain foods?

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  1. August 4, 2011 3:04 pm

    I really need to try beets again. I just do not know if I like them, but they do look delicious in that picture!

    I try to eat at least one salad a day to get back on track and to start my morning with oatmeal, so it looks like you are doing good, imho!

    • August 4, 2011 8:21 pm

      My eating is usually pretty good during the day. I try to stick to the same meal types for breakfast and lunch. Food is an escape/stress reliever for me at home and a bonding experience when I go out, so I tend to overeat in the evenings. My trick is to brush teeth by 8pm after dinner/dessert to avoid mindless snacking. For when I go out Eric and I have been splitting an appetizer and a main course to keep portion size on a normal side, which also works well.

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