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Flapjacks and not-so-fun 16 miles

August 9, 2011

Before running took over my life Sundays, Eric and I used to sleep in (what’s that?) and enjoy a late brunch. I’d make eggs, pancakes, fruit salad with yogurt parfait, the full spread. Sadly, the tradition had to end as Sundays got converted into long run days with quick breakfast of toast, nut butter and a bit of fruit. That was, until I heard about Kodiak pancake mix from one of my favorite bloggers CarrotsNCake.

Apparently, I was the last to know about this wholesome goodness in a box, as my local grocery stores have been carrying it for years. The pancakes were delicious and so easy to make – just add water! Fluffy, rich and satisfying with 7g of protein per serving, I could not ask for a yummier breakfast.


I added blueberries to the mix and spread white chocolate peanut butter on top, while Eric enjoyed his with Maple syrup.



Unfortunately, the breakfast was the best part of my morning. Sad smile

Last night after our delicious Thanksgiving dinner, I snacked while watching a movie. Why, oh why did I choose Cinnamon Harvest cereal? As wonderful as it is, its high fiber content did a number on my belly. 1 mile into my long run and I was already looking for a bathroom.


4 miles later I turned off the trail into some neighborhood shops for bathroom break number 2. At mile 9, chafing kicked in. I never had chafing issues while running until my half marathon in July. Once I get into two-digit mile numbers, my clothing is soaked with sweat and things get very uncomfortable especially on the glute/thigh boarder. At first I thought maybe it was my undergarments, so I’ve been running commando in Adidas compression capris (runners I have no boundaries and share the most intimate details with the world), but the problem worsened. I switched to a different pair of running capris (Zella) with seamless stitching, but still no luck. I don’t like wearing running shorts as they tend to be too short. I was blessed with strong thighs that tend to kiss together which only adds to the chafing problem. I have ordered some longer running shorts and skorts from Athleta so hopefully they will work out. Otherwise, I might have to cave into Lululemon’s ridiculous pricing and splurge on some higher quality running gear.

At this point of my run I was seriously debating to call Eric and get him to pick me up. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of the Sammamish River trail so I would not even know how to describe my location. I made a deal with myself, turn around, run another 3 miles into the Redmond downtown area and then call him. Bon Jovi’s “Romeo is bleeding” brought back a bunch of fun college memories and distracted my mind from the problem in my pants so I did not even notice until I was only 2 miles away from home. I took a deep breath, focused, flexed my tired muscles and pushed all the way to the end of the trail.


I was so happy to step through the front door and to reach for a cold vitamin water. I was even happier to find neatly folded clean laundry and empty dishwasher.

IMG_5777    IMG_5779

Husband of the year award goes to this guy!


My post-run fuel of Chobani strawberry yogurt, 1/2 cup GoLean cereal, berries and chia seeds.


After much needed shower and couch time, I made lunch – cheese quesadillas with veggies and hummus dip.



To celebrate our hard work (in both running and house chores departments), we headed to Pogacha for dinner (we tried Hector’s first, but they switched their menu and it sadly was no longer appealing).

It was a beautiful summer night and we were happy to chill outside while enjoying Chianti with fresh bread.


We started with green salads (when a waiter asks “Gorgonzola or parmesan”, make sure to clarify it’s salad dressing before ordering it on the side)


I had pasta with lots of veggies and prawns (probably the healthiest option on the menu. Everything else was some creamy/cheesy/candied creation).


The portion was big so Eric got a nice leftover lunch for work.


The main reason I picked Pogacha is because of their fantastic cannoli dessert (3 full-size cannoli – classic, chocolate and chocolate chip, for $5), so it was a real downer when I found out they were all out last night. We had to settle for Tiramisu.


[Jane Asks] What’s your absolute favorite dessert? I love Cannoli. When cruising around the Mediterranean three years ago, Eric and I took a two hour trip to a small town on the coast of Sicily that is known as the birthplace of Cannoli. I was in heaven.


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  1. August 9, 2011 4:27 am

    Oh, bathroom issues are the worst aren’t they! There is a Lululemon outlet up in Mt. Vernon. The prices are usually better then their sale prices in the regular store/online – but honestly I prefer my Athleta running capris over the Lulu stuff as I prefer the piece of mind having the self tie string over the pull string thing in the Lulu pants. I also like the compression in them a little better. Also all my Lulu stuff pills up where my thighs, “kiss” as you so perfectly described. I also just ordered a running skirt from – I’ll report back my findings after my trip when I can test it out.


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