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August 11, 2011

Vistaprint is awesome! I first discovered it a couple of years ago when trying to print custom Save-the-Date magnets for our wedding. Vistaprint offers many free items and you can get pretty much anything customized: t-shirts, hats, pens, notepads, checks, etc. They have tons of templates available for you to choose from, or you can just upload your own image for a low charge.

It’s no surprise that I returned to Vistaprint to make some Jane’s Addictions swag after getting tired of scribbling down my blog info on napkins for runners I’ve met at events. So now, I am carrying (and eagerly giving out) Jane’s Addictions business cards in my wallet. Smile

I also posted a few of the cards in my yoga studio and around work in hopes to attract more readers.


How do you like my clipart logo? (I’ve got mad powerpoint skills!)


In addition to the coolest business cards ever, I ordered some goodies that I want to give out to my fabulous readers:

Exhibit #1: Fridge Magnet – like a pretty broche on an old blouse, it can update your fridge’s appearance instantly. It’s also handy in holding up coupons and the flyers from those Chinese places you’ve been meaning to order from.


(The cute little girl is our niece)

Exhibit #2: Bumper Sticker – if you like my blog clap your hands, even better stick a bumper sticker and tell the world (or the guy stuck behind you at a red light) about some healthy addictions Winking smile


Both Eric and I are sporting (his and hers) matching bumper stickers on our cars.

Let me know which item you prefer (free of charge!) in a comment, and I will follow up in email for your mailing address. Hurry, I only have a few of each, so the first readers to leave a comment are guaranteed to get the item of their choice!


In other news, it was a pretty good eating day (a first in a couple of weeks).

I am convinced overnight oats taste better out of a peanut butter jar (my brain could not comprehend how it’s ok to eat an entire jar of something so yummy!) The trick is when you are almost out of your favorite nut butter, instead of scraping the last little bit, just put in oats, Greek yogurt, milk, chia seeds and shove it in the in fridge overnight. You will have the best morning breakfast treat!


A couple of hours later I had a banana, but did not take a photo. In case you’ve forgotten what a banana looks like:


For lunch, I had my most colorful salad creation – spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, hard boiled egg, 1.5 ounces of turkey breast, a sprinkle of fat-free feta cheese.


I am taking advantage of the cherry season as it won’t last long, so I snacked on two apricots and some cherries mid-afternoon.


A couple of hours before dinner, I had a handful of raw almonds conveniently pre-packaged by Trader Joe’s.


Dinner was baked salmon and roasted asparagus (my signature Northwest dish).


I met a new best friend last week in the Whole Foods frozen aisle, but tragically he disappeared after dinner.


So this is what a picture perfect eating day looks like Smile I did sneak in a few Pirate’s Booties and Stacy’s Cinnamon Chips, but overall it was still a pretty good eating day.


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  1. Rachel permalink
    August 11, 2011 10:54 pm

    I’ll take a magnet!


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