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A post about a post

August 12, 2011

Guest posts are a common practice in the blogging world. Just like on a talk show, you can invite others to share their personal stories/advice on a particular topic (we just don’t sit on comfy couches pretending to be drinking coffee). If the guest already has a big fan following, their readers will tune into your blog and hopefully keep checking back if they like you it (a blog is not a popularity contest and does not represent how much you are liked!) Or if the guest is appearing on a highly viewed blog, a guest post is a great exposure and gets their name out in a new blogging community.

When Jane from Broccolini & Cheese asked me to author a blog post for her readers, I was honored and super-excited about the opportunity. Someone actually likes my gibberish enough to want to host it on their own blog! I was already flattered beyond belief, but on top of that, Jane asked me to write about how I got into running and share some tips for beginner runners. I still think of myself as a chubby girl who can hardly do one lap around the track (do high school painful memories ever go away?), but I have been logging some serious miles lately, so I have learned a thing or two about running. Behold my first guest post


Inspired by new self-proclaimed fame, I decided to live up to my running image and pushed a bit harder during today’s exercise:

  • 3 mile run to the gym (my personal best time so far, at 23:34)
  • 1 hour of dynamic stretches, form exercises and harness runs (in case you are not familiar with harness training, it involves a partner pulling back on a giant rubber band which you are strapped into while running forward. Great strength, form, endurance builder and a heart rate jumper)
  • 4 mile run back home (I ran 3.5 miles in 28:53 and walked the remaining 0.5 mile up the hill)


I am impressed that I was able to go so fast, considering how big my head is today Smile with tongue out

The workout totally called for two breakfasts (seems like a typical morning these days).

Breakfast #1: peanut butter, banana, tortilla wrap


Breakfast #2: Greek yogurt, GoLean Kashi cereal, berries and chia seeds


Lunch and snacks were a repeat from yesterday (and so that you are not setting high expectations, I’ll be having the same thing tomorrow)

For dinner, I tried a new recipe that I picked up from Monica – Shredded Mexican chicken.

Place 1.5 lbs of chicken breast into a slow cooker and pour a full jar of salsa on top


Cook on low for 7-8 hours. Tear with fork when done.


Enjoy with romaine lettuce, brown rice, black beans, and corn. I was missing some avocado to make this a perfectly healthy, balanced meal.


How could I not have made shredded chicken before? It’s the easiest and tastiest thing! I can see a shredding frenzy starting (shredded BBQ chicken is next on my list).

For dessert, we made a special trip to Red Mango, where I had a mixed berry parfait. It was nice, but did not have nearly enough frozen yogurt (I get plenty of berries at home already).


[Jane Asks]: What’s your favorite way to prepare chicken?


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