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7 Habits of Healthy Me

August 13, 2011

Two days of decent eating and I woke up feeling like a million bucks (one of many reasons why it’s important for me to do weekly checkpoints with all of you). There are just certain healthy things that I need to make automatic in my daily regimen and never question or change them, then every other part of the healthy lifestyle falls into place and it becomes so much easier to maintain long term.

1. Start every morning with a glass of cold water, as my body tends to perspire while I sleep and I wake up dehydrated (that’s a polite way of saying that I wake up with a bird nest on my head smelling worse than after a two hour run).

2. Work out first thing in the morning. I get up at 5:10am every weekday and around 6am on weekends (unless there was a late night due to some celebration/outing). My mind is not even fully awake for the first two hours of the day, so it can’t find excuses to skip the workout. This is my body’s time – don’t think, just do it! (not necessarily wearing Nike). It’s also easier on your body and mind to keep a consistent sleeping schedule (at least that’s what I’ve been telling my hubby who would rather stay up to watch the Daily Show).

3. Eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I basically have three morning meals I rotate through.

  • Toast, nut butter, berries – my usual pre-run meal
  • Greek yogurt, Go Lean cereal, berries, Chia – my usual post-run meal
  • Overnight oats – my usual post hot yoga breakfast

For lunch, I stick with salad. It’s one meal I can guarantee will be the healthiest and I can get my veggies for the day. Occasionally, I’ll make a sandwich or a wrap but somehow those tend to be less satisfying for me. (It’s a mental thing I think – a giant salad bowl overfilling with colorful veggies vs. a small wrap and carrot sticks.)

4. Eat unlimited fruits and veggies. I have a problem following strict low-calorie diets. I get hungry, cranky, uncomfortable and the rebel in me just wants to eat everything in sight. Instead I am letting myself eat all the fruit and veggies I want! (I don’t know of anyone who’s overweight because they ate too many apples or too much broccoli).

It’s all the rest of the other stuff I need to moderate, but at least I have an option to reach for my fruit basket when the munchies attack.

5. Limit alcohol to weekends only. When I drink (besides consuming tons of liquid calories), I also tend to make poor eating choices. (I like wine and an occasional beer on our pretty deck, so I am not going to give up that little life pleasure, but I will make it a special weekend treat.)

6. Brush teeth by 8pm. I’ve been struggling to make this a part of the routine after my last meal for the day. It can make or break a day of healthy eating. Post-dinner is when a snacking monster shows up, rustling through cupboards trying to find an old stash of something sweet/crunchy to snack on.

7. Foam Roll and stretch before bed. This is another one I’ve been slacking on. With all the running I’ve doing, it’s essential for me to stretch and roll out to help my muscles recover.

I’ve already knocked out 1 through 4 today by going to yoga this morning and packing the same lunch and snacks as yesterday (I am boring, what can I say).

At 5:30pm Eric and I kicked off the weekend at Crossroads Bar and Grill (our favorite happy hour place).

I started with salad


and a Mediterranean wrap. I was finicky and asked for corn tortilla instead of flour tortilla so they just brought all the ingredients out and let the picky lady make her own.


While Eric was admiring his food, I snuck a couple of bites of his chicken burger and a few sweet potato fries.


Note, I am still in line with # 5 – alcohol is allowed on weekends Smile with tongue out


When I got home I had deck + dessert + blog combo.


I am off to watch some mind dumbing clearing TV. Happy Friday!

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