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As Big And Juice As They Come

August 18, 2011

Has summer finally arrived at our part of Washington state? (I probably just jinxed it for tomorrow.)


Sunny days bring out more biking. I am happy to tell you that I have not driven to work once this week so far. I am not alone in my green-living pursuit. The sidewalks are packed with fellow bikers, mostly interns in their late teens and me – madam nearing thirty. One of my co-workers tried to flatter me by saying that he saw me biking while driving to work. He was wondering who the young school girl was that resembled me so much. Aw, isn’t that sweet (and a bit pathetic considering he just finished Seattle-to-Portland 3 day bike race). Nevertheless, me and my Flirt (that’s the name of my bike) are eager to hit the road when the clouds are out of sight.

With all the heat, biking, running and hot yoga, it’s super-important to stay well-hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is key, but there are other ways to consume water – like watermelon. Did you know watermelon is 80% water?


I love living so close to California. I can buy giant watermelons for $3.49 each at Trader Joe’s. Being the deal seeker that I am, I picked the biggest one out of the bunch. It required some serious lifting, good thing I work out or I could have hurt myself just carrying it to the kitchen. Smile


Thanks to Monica, I learned how to pick and cut watermelon. I look for the one with a light belly spot.  In Russian farmer’s markets before you buy any melon, they cut a triangular piece at the top and let you see if it’s ripe, but here you just have to go with the gut.

Domino was almost as excited as me and came to lend me a hand paw.


I needed to put on an apron (a rare occasion even for a messy cook like me), otherwise watermelon juice would be all over me running down to my ankles. (I said I learned how to cut watermelon, that does not mean I do it well Smile with tongue out)


I love when I cut into it, the shell just starts to crack on its own so you know it’s a good one.


Then I cut each half again.


The challenging part is to cut each quarter out of the shell and slice it from the top (similar to Mango cutting)


Afterwards, you just flip it over and all the bite-size pieces simply fall out straight on the plate (and that’s why I believe watermelon only has 4 real servings. Smile)


Dig in! (Not my prettiest look, but who can pose while devouring sweet juicy goodness).


I went with the summer theme for dinner and made broccoli slaw stir fry with ground turkey.


Looks like I had the same thing back in June. How unoriginal of me, but if the princess can repeat the same thing, so can I Smile

I’ve been so busy at work these days that I completely forgot about my weekly checkpoint yesterday so here it is now:

Exercise Plan from last week:








Marathon training + 3M

I ran to the gym (3M) where we focused on the core (which I so needed). I also did about 1.5 miles on treadmill afterwards.



Yoga in the morning and biking to work and back.


Marathon training + 7M

I ran to the gym (3M) and got to analyze my form in a video our instructor took a week prior. Turns out I cross my arms too much, which I worked on during the run back home (4M)


Yoga + bike

Yoga and Happy Hour on a patio instead of biking.


Yoga + 4M

I did a group 18 mile run.


Run 18M

Rest day with a short 5.5 mile bike ride to Whole Foods.
Total 32 miles 29.5 miles

I came a bit under on my overall mileage by taking a rest day on Sunday, but it was well-deserved after the 18 miles. For this week, I have a much shorter distance planned as I’ll be doing my third and final RAC to Redhook Super Challenge.

My eating was very good last week with little late night snacking, which greatly contributed to my performance at the long run. Hope I can make this good habit stick for awhile.

[Jane Asks]: How do you feel about the tabloids showing Kate re-wearing same outfits? I think she is doing the right thing as that’s what most normal people do (obviously not to the extreme of posting the same t-shirt three days in a row).

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  1. August 18, 2011 3:59 pm

    I love that Kate is not afraid to wear clothes over & over again and that she wears a lot of off the rack items. To me it shows that she is dressing for herself & is confident in her choices & is most likely pretty down to earth.

  2. August 18, 2011 9:19 pm

    I love your apron, and would totally where that more than once 🙂

    I think Kate should wear what she likes, when she likes! People need to calm down!

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