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Last Summer Race

August 24, 2011

This Sunday, I once again participated in the RAC to Redhook Fitness Challenge. It was the last one of the summer series (June, July) which makes me sad, but they promise to be back next year. The RAC to Redhooks have been among the most fun events I’ve run so far. Maybe because they’re not officially timed, or because there are fitness stations along the way to work the upper body and abdominal muscles, but my guess is it’s because there is a tasty lunch and cold Northwest brew at the end which makes crossing the finish line even more satisfying!

I would not roll out of bed to run only 4.5 miles on a Sunday, so I was happy to see the super challenge option of running to RAC first and then back to Redhook with added bonus of 5 fitness stations on the way back. I ended up doing 10 miles in total (extra half a mile each way). One of the participants approached me at lunch and asked where I was from as obviously I was not familiar with the area and passed the RAC and the Redhook brewery. (I set her straight Winking smile. She felt pretty embarrassed afterwards for not spotting the overachiever in me.)

Another boring photo of the same good old pre-run breakfast.


I ran slower than usual, especially on the way back to Redhook. The Lake Sammamish trail is paved and wide, which is nice as it’s usually pretty crowded, but it was so hot on Sunday that by 11am I was wishing there were more trees nearby to shade the sun. I finished the 10 miles in 1:28:40 which is roughly 8:48 per mile (I stopped the timer at each station).

There were 5 fitness stations along the way, each with about 3 exercises:

  1. Jumping jacks, squat jumps, walking lunges
  2. Bench step-ups (we used picnic tables), push-ups, wheel barrel (someone holds your legs while you walk on your hands), skaters (one legged squat jumps from side to side)
  3. Abs (v-ups, bicycles)
  4. 30 second hold – squat, narrow squat, sumo squat, and rows.
  5. I skipped the last one. There was some up/down hill running, dead lifts, and more squats I think. By that time I was cooling in the shade enjoying iced lemon water.

photo (2)

I was presented with my first super challenge gift (about time since this was my third super challenge Smile and I have three stars on my bib to prove it:



If I were smart I would have opened it when I first got to the RAC as there were lots of energy options (including a homemade oatmeal protein bar) to give me the “oh so needed” push for another 5 miles.


By the time lunch was served, I was famished. I proudly kicked off the buffet line as that was not the time to watch my manners (somebody had to be first? Smile)


I piled my plate high with Caesar salad, veggies, hummus, pita, two meatballs (I will assume they are beef as I don’t eat pork), and chicken wings. I took a few bites of the chicken and tossed it. It was too greasy and fatty. I washed my meal down with a cold Blonde Ale. Is it me or does beer taste extra good after a long run? Smile

Sunday is date night, and we just happened to get a buy-one, take-one-home flyer from Maggiano’s a few days earlier.

Even though, Maggiano’s is not my favorite Italian place, they are a pretty good value for the money and you know how I can’t pass on a good deal! There were two new classic pastas introduced this month(finally some Jane-acceptable dishes with no pork and no heavy cream sauces!)

Eric and I really enjoyed our order of Chicken Caprese salad and Baked Rigatoni Pomodoro (We often split meals when dining out, especially at Italian places since their portions tend to be large. The waiter tried hard to upgrade our order to a dinner for two special, but we really did not want 4 pastas even when two’d be free). We also shared a tiramisu for dessert.


We got Bowtie Agilio to go and according to Eric it was a disgusting creamy soup with noodles and a couple of veggies. (I know my hubby has a high bar with all my delicious cooking, but for him to say that, it must have been truly bad.)

[Jane Asks]: What’s your take on group buffets? Is it ill mannered to be the first one at the serving table? You can say yes, I won’t be offended Winking smile

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  1. August 24, 2011 1:15 pm

    I was thinking I must really be missing out on something. Everyone has that breakfast all the time. My goodness. I don’t really like peanut butter, but I’ll try it. Although I know Nutella would rock it out waaayyy better. Hahaha

    • August 24, 2011 4:41 pm

      It’s a great pre-run breakfast. Keeps you full and strong through the run as it’s high in carbs and a bit of fat to slow down digestion.

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