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\\build Conference

September 20, 2011

Phew! What a week! I spent majority of last week at a work conference that took place at Anaheim, CA.

Before heading out, I made  Eric’s favorite shredded chicken for him to feast on while I was out of town.IMG_6436

I’ve never been to Orange County before, so I was excited to see the local OC population. Since my only reference is the OC show from TV, I was a bit disappointed to see mostly average people strolling the sidewalks. But there were also a fair number of OC babes with fake tans, bleached blond hair, over-the-top plastic surgery and very tight clothing. Apparently there are a lot of “models” and “actresses” in OC. Go figure Winking smile

The best way to see any new place is by foot, so I invited a few colleagues to join me for a 5-6 mile jog.


The weather was perfect – low 70s, overcast, with a cool breeze. We did a 5.5 mile loop around Disneyland.


I did not make it to walk of fame in Hollywood this time around, but I did see some stars (of founders of something in Anaheim).


We spotted a gorgeous “Bird of Paradise” Flower at our hotel while stretching.


Then it was time to attend the conference.


The view from the conference center was teasing me with its pretty Californian landscape of palm trees.


I could see a glimpse of the ocean peaking out through the buildings, but there was no time to hit the beach.


I had a presentation to deliver and lots of customer engagement at the expo and expert events.


When you work hard, you play hard (along with 5000 other attendees).




I had a couple of light beers and overdid it on dessert.


Apparently I was not the only one with a sweet tooth and my co-worker beat me with 5 mini-cheesecakes (he ate one before I had time to pull out my camera).


I got to ride in a swanky limo bus with LCD TV in the back, full bar and flashing DJ lights.


The conference was buzzing with excitement as we announced new Windows features and showed enticing demos of new hardware, performance improvements and cool user experience. You can find more about the sessions and the event at: and if you are really keen on learning more about USB 3.0 (or want to see my floating head and hands  for 30 minutes) you can see me present on how to build great USB 3.0 devices.

I am off to another trip so blogging will be light over the next week. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a few days.


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