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Colleges fit for Kings and Queens

October 3, 2011

After a couple of busy days in London, Eric and I were ready for some R&R in the countryside, so we took an hour-long train ride North to Cambridge. In comparison to London, Cambridge is tiny (population of ~100,000 people) and offers a laidback vibe (about 20% of population are university students).


(View of the city from our hotel, the Varsity)

Cambridge is known for some of the oldest and most beautiful colleges in the world.


These schools were built during the Henry VIII era and are over 600 years old (Take that baby University of Waterloo).


One of the most popular buildings that graces many postcards is King’s University Chapel. You can see it peaking in the background over my shoulder.


The best way to see all the backs of the colleges is while punting (a punt is a flat bottomed boat which is pole-driven, like a gondola).  Seeing many tourists struggling to steer the boat and knowing how accident-prone and clumsy the two of us can be, we decided to stroll along the river bank instead.


Another tourist attraction in the city center is a giant mechanical Corpus Clock, which was named best invention by (appropriately) Time magazine when first unveiled in 2008.


On the next block, there was the Eagle pub where, the rumor (and there is a sign to back it up) has it, the discovery of DNA’s encoding was first announced.


You really need to escape the trendy and happening London streets to fully appreciate the UK. We had some of the best British meals in Cambridge but you’ll have to wait until my next post to hear all the juicy details. Smile

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