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Catching Up

October 17, 2011

With the marathon behind me, and my medal proudly displayed on my new trophy rack, I found myself in an unusual place, with no scheduled workouts or runs this weekend.


I did such a great job preparing for the marathon and sticking with my program but I have completely failed to research what to do after I finished the marathon. How long should I give myself to recover? Should I continue exercising the following week? When can I start running again? Since I am a running addict and all, I could not restrain myself for long, and on Saturday morning I pulled out my running shoes that were still sitting in the suitcase I took to Portland and hit the road for a quick 3 mile run to the yoga studio. Oh, it felt so good running again – my body gliding through brisk October morning air with my legs feeling strong and recovered.

After losing 2 lbs of sweat and toxins in the yoga studio (no exaggeration– I actually weighted myself before and after class) it was time to catch up on things I have neglected over the last few marathon-prepping, Europe-vacationing, California-conferencing weeks.

First on my list was to spend quality time with my friend Rachel and watch an 80ies chick flick. We picked “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” as I had not seen it previously.


What crazy outfits we used to wear in the 80ies! The hair, the makeup, the leg warmers and leotards. It all looks so strange yet very familiar. I had half a dozen pairs of overalls growing up from brown corduroy to fuchsia / pink. My mom would not let me get the fancy high bangs as only older girls were allowed to use hairspray, so the side pony tail was my signature look with neon colored elastic bands. I was also big into dancing back then (I was not good at it, but I wore my leotard any chance I had).

To continue a fun Saturday night, Eric and I decided to grab some pizza, the dish I’ve been avoiding for months to get into better marathon shape (little good it did– I blew my diet while in England). Being a big fan of Groupon, I had one handy coupon to Flying Saucer. Their place was cozy and the food was delicious. We shared a spinach, cranberry, and chicken salad and a 10-inch Cosmic Clucker (Tangy BBQ sauce, roasted chicken, hold-the-bacon artichoke hearts, green onion and cilantro), and a pitcher of Mac and Jacks Serengeti wheat (our favorite local micro-brew wheat ale).



During dinner, we participated (and proudly lost) in SciFi/Fantasy Trivia, held every Saturday. I was impressed with our 56 points, given our stale knowledge of Star Wars and having never seen a single Harry Potter movie. Next time, we will return with reinforcements and bring our Fantasy-loving friends to clear the board Smile.

Next on my weekend list was beauty essentials like getting my hair and nails done.

It’s winter time, and like every other animal, I change my coloring based on the season – time to go darker:


A hot foot-soak and paraffin wax treatment is the least I can do to reward my poor feet after their terrific performance last weekend. Note, I still have all my toenails, I am the lucky one not to lose any during my runs.


Feeling pretty and girly, it’s time for a date night. Sunday marked the start of Seattle Restaurant Week program, where many high-end restaurants offer pre-set 3 course meals for $28. I also dug up an old gift card to Schwartz’s Brothers and we headed to Chandler’s Crabhouse in downtown Seattle. Not the best weekend to go into the city as one the 520 bridge was closed for repair and instead of our usual one bridge hop, we had to detour on every major highway to get to the restaurant (I-520, I-405, I-90, I-5), but it was all worth it at the end.

The preset menu featured lots of tasty options. I opted for a salad and Grilled King Salmon with bean casserole. Eric enjoyed a cup of Whisky Crab soup (I should have totally gone with that instead of my salad as it was full of chunks of delicious crab meat) and Pumpkin pasta with roasted hazelnuts.


We kept it as healthy as we could for dessert so we passed on Crème Brule and went with refreshing mango sorbet (for me) and blackberry ice cream (for Eric).


We splurged on a fine a bottle of Californian Petite Syrah from Russian River Valley, which completed our meal very well.


Don’t worry I have not replaced working out with drinking (not completely Smile with tongue out) even though my latest posts might seem to lead you to that conclusion. I limit alcohol to weekends only, and during the week I’m still up at 5am to head to yoga or my marathon training class (it’ll be sad to see it come to an end in December) followed by my usual meals of oats, Greek yogurt, eggs, chicken salads, etc. I have not been blogging as often describing my daily routine as I figured if it’s pretty much the same thing it must be a bore to read. So now my focus is on quality rather than quantity so I wait for a good story to post (although posting yet another picture of myself with a glass of wine does not really constitute new and exciting, it was a new bottle that we never tried before so that should count Smile).

[Jane Asks]: What are some of the fun things you’d like to catch up on?

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  1. Kristin Tidd permalink
    October 17, 2011 8:29 pm

    I was hoping to run into you on the trail Saturday morning 🙂 I saw lots of runners out very gingerly “testing” out the legs in their Portland Marathon Tshirts. It was a perfect fall morning for running. That Flying Saucer place is odd isn’t it – Jack loves it, esp on trivia night. I might have a future sci-fi junkie on my hands.

    • October 18, 2011 11:54 am

      I ran really early – 7ish to make it to my 8am yoga class. Aren’t those Portland shirts ugly? They only had unisex ones too, so it does not really fit anyone well, unless you are super skinny with broad shoulders (not me!).

  2. October 18, 2011 8:21 am

    Like the darker do!
    Oh, and that pizza looks AHHHH-mazing!!!

    • October 18, 2011 11:52 am

      Thank girl! The pizza was even tastier than it looked, and I am pretty picky with my pizza. Strongly recommend that place if you are in Seattle/Redmond area. 🙂


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