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North is where the heart is

October 26, 2011

Do you count days until your next vacation (even when you just came back from one)? Are your weekends so jam-packed that you hardly get to sit still or sleep in? Do you ever feel like taking a day off from your everyday life to just do nothing? I bet everyone is in that camp. With our lives being so highly productive these days we forget to take the time to rest and enjoy the simplest and most precious things like going for walk and marveling at beautiful scenery or taking the time to snuggle in bed with the loved ones.


I am just like all the rest of the busy go-getters – always on the go. In less than a month, I attended a work conference, travelled around England for 8 days (which I still owe a last post from the series I promised), and finished my first marathon. That’s not even including the regular stuff like work, house chores, cooking and training. I was due for some needed downtime and with my project management skills handy I pre-booked our getaway to Whistler, BC months ahead. Eric and I contemplated on the timing and chose Oct 21 as we figured the roads would not be too bad and we would get to enjoy some snow. Well, we were right about one thing – the roads weren’t bad — it was 38F (3 C).

Not exactly the Winterland we were hoping for, but the beautiful fall colored mountains and fresh air were all that we really needed for instant relaxation. We stayed at the Cascade Lodge, which was perfectly located on the outskirts of the Whistler Village with a great view of the mountains (if you look past all the clouds).


I love condo-like places with full kitchens and fireplaces in the living areas. The stay is so much more comfortable and cozy in those places. A home away from home Smile 



You know what I love even more?! Little goodie baskets that await you on arrival filled with local treats Smile Oh they know how to please this gal!


The place also has the biggest heated pool in all of Whistler (so they claim) which we did not get to enjoy, unlike some of our Polar Bear drunken neighbors who were doing water bombs until 10 at night. The party never stops in Whistler!


It was a three-day trip and the best part was – we had absolutely no plans! So we slept a lot (when was the last time you had a mid-afternoon nap? mine was this past Saturday), ate and drank a lot (you know how I roll on my vacations), watched a lot of TV (strangely I don’t mind commercials so much when vacationing), and walked around the Village (we had to get food otherwise I doubt we would have left the lodge).

I had so much fun cooking all of our meals and seeing how creative I can get with minimal ingredients.

Breakfasts – rotation of eggs, toast, veggies & fruit one day and Kashi GoLean Instant oatmeal topped off with banana the next.


Lunches – Roasted Chicken Sandwich while cheering for Canucks beating Minnesota on Saturday afternoon. Grilled Salmon salad the following day while watching Elizabeth and Elizabeth the Golden Age (the timing could not have been better since we’ve been wanting to see these after our recent trip to England).

IMG_7157Vancover Canucks 14 Wallpaper

IMG_7180Elizabeth Poster

Dinners is where I let my imagination push the boundaries beyond the limited supplies.

1st night we had ginger chicken leftovers which I strategically packed in the cooler along with a couple of bottles of Oregon wine.


Our second night’s dinner of roasted chicken, potatoes and Brussels sprouts turned out pretty good. I utterly impress my husband with my mad seasoning skills. It’s amazing how much flavor you get from the basics (Olive Oil, salt and pepper) when using fresh ingredients.


Dessert was a real treat – grapes, Canadian Marble cheese, German dark chocolate-covered butter cookies and a new bottle of BC Cabernet.


Of course, we also had lots of snacks to keep us going. After all we had to replenish all the lost energy moving between the couch and kitchen, and hitting a pause button on the remote control.

Macintosh apples, which I only buy when in Canada.


Coffee Crisp, my absolute favorite Canadian Chocolate bar.


Bacon and Ketchup flavored chips (I don’t eat products made out of pig, but those Bacon chips were all synthetic flavoring. Score!)


Gosh! I love travelling to my “native land” with monopoly-like money, cute tuques (“beanies” are little stuffed animals), serious donut hole variety (hello TimBits), and delicious poutine (gravy + cheese over fries).

[Jane Asks]: What do you like most about Canada? I can guess Eric’s answer – the Canadian that lives in his house Smile

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  1. kristin tidd permalink
    October 26, 2011 8:47 pm

    I seriously scrolled through your whole post to see if you had ketchup chips!!! I didn’t know there were bacon, I only knew about ketchup & pickle.

    • October 27, 2011 5:26 am

      The bacon ones are new I think! I’ve never seen them before. I brought an extra bag of Ketchup chips for my running friend 🙂 so let me know if you want to stop by to pick them up or wait until next weekend when I see you.

      • Kristin Tidd permalink
        October 27, 2011 9:26 am

        YAY!! I can hold off until we run next – that way they can’t do any waistline damage for another week.

  2. Mark permalink
    October 26, 2011 9:32 pm

    “Macintosh apples, which I only buy when in Canada”

    I’m pretty sure you can be fired for that. Hope nobody you work with reads this blog.

    Your mention of TimBits makes me sad that I forgot to ask you to bring me back some muffins. I got a “Fruit Explosion” muffin the last time I was @ Tim Horton’s. Best thing EVER. Plus it’s mostly fruit, so it’s probably only like 500 calories. The border guards almost confiscated my box of stuff from there last time I went. I don’t understand why those stores aren’t all over the place in the US. You can have a donut WITH your lunch. Most Americans would love a place like that.

    I have a suggestion for a future blog post: “Here’s how I eat crap like this and still stay skinny”


    PS – You may have missed this since you were out of the country, but the McRib is back through mid-November! I’m pretty sure that’s mostly just synthetic flavoring too (IANAR).

    • October 27, 2011 5:38 am

      Next time I’ll bring some Timmie’s for you 🙂 I’ve grown to love it and miss it more when it’s no longer on every corner. I did not even realize what an essential part of my life it was back in Canada. My usual order is still automatically rolling off my toungue without thinking every time I enter one. Whistler needs to open one in the Village! The closest one is 30 miles away and they closed Second Cup. Eric’s heart shattered a bit when we found out. If you notice there is a pattern to my eating madness – eat whatever I want on vacations, but when I am back home stick to healthy diet (at least during the week). My weight tends to fluctuate a lot, but at least it stays within the same range most of the time.


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