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Napa Marathon Training Begins

November 1, 2011

Today marks the first day of November, and just as I predicted last night, the holiday spirit is sweeping the country fast. Starbucks is already using their Christmas-themed cups.

With all the candy out of the house and a strong motivation to survive yet another holiday season without the need to replace all my pants, I am determined to start my second marathon training today. No more slacking and running casually with no accountability! Now I will run with purpose!

To plan my second round of training, I turned to the tried and true Hal Higdon site. To prepare for the Portland Marathon, I followed Novice 1 program, so this time it makes sense to step it up a notch and move up to Novice 2. I remember it took me over an hour to put together my first training program – researching, contemplating, modifying to accommodate vacation and incorporating other races. Second time around I spent less than 5 minutes – copy, paste, fill in the dates, make a few small tweaks, and done. I wonder if parenting is like that too?! First child you read every book, go to every baby store, take parenting classes, talk to all relatives and friends with kids to gather advice. For your second child, you pick up a child car seat on the way to the hospital (and yes, I did just compare pregnancy and child birth to marathon training. Both require endurance, stamina and pain tolerance, one just takes less time to complete and has fewer long-term consequences Winking smile)

Behold my Novice 2 Training Plan:

Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 2 
Week Date Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
1 6-Nov Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 5 m pace 8
2 13-Nov Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 5 m run 9
3 20-Nov Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 5 m pace 6
4 27-Nov Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 6 m pace 11
5 4-Dec Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 6 m run 12
6 11-Dec Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 6 m pace 9
7 18-Dec Yoga 4 m run Cross 4 m run Yoga 7 m pace 14
8 25-Dec Yoga 4 m run Cross 4 m run Yoga 7 m run 15
9 1-Jan Yoga 4 m run Cross 4 m run Yoga 8 m pace 17
10 8-Jan Yoga 5 m run Cross 5 m run Yoga 8 m pace 12
11 15-Jan Yoga 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run Yoga Rest Half Mar
12 29-Jan Yoga 5 m run Cross 5 m run Yoga 5 m pace 19
13 5-Feb Yoga 5 m run Cross 5 m run Yoga 8 m run 13
14 12-Feb Yoga 5 m run Cross 5 m run Yoga 5 m pace 20
15 19-Feb Yoga 5 m run Cross 5 m run Yoga 4 m pace 12
16 26-Feb Yoga 4 m run Cross 4 m run Yoga 3 m run 8
17 4-Mar Yoga 3 m run 2 m run Rest Rest 2 m run Marathon


I had to make slight modifications to the recommended 18 week plan. First I cut off one week as apparently I am already too late to cover full 18 weeks by March. Secondly, my half is not exactly in the middle of the training program, so I had to shuffle some teen runs around to accommodate.

By the end of these 17 weeks, I will cover ~450 miles. That’s about halfway from Seattle to San Francisco. Well, that doesn’t seem very impressive… Let’s try an East Coast comparison – that’s about the distance from Washington D.C. to New York City…and back. (Much better Smile)

For all my readers, I wanted to explain the difference between runners and joggers. So next time you see someone bouncing funny while waiting for the light to change, go ahead and laugh, make fun of them. I won’t be offended Smile


Tell me about the races you’ve signed up for. If you haven’t already, better to do it now before the mad New Year’s resolutioners take all the remaining slots! We all get cold feet, doubting whether we can push the distance, but you’ll never know until you try and believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised what your body can achieve if you treat it right.

Happy running!

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  1. Kristin Tidd permalink
    November 1, 2011 9:05 pm

    I saw someone at Trader Joes with the holiday cup & it took me a minute to realize it was Nov – even though yesterday was Halloween. Good for you! Another marathon going on the books.

  2. Mark permalink
    November 1, 2011 9:58 pm

    If I’m reading it correctly, you’re planning on 3m on Thanksgiving, *14m* on Christmas and 8m on New Year’s Eve.

    THAT is some serious dedication.

    • November 2, 2011 11:30 am

      3 miles on Thanksgiving should not be too hard. I don’t celebrate Christmas so with everything else closed in the area, running seems like a great time passing. Now 8m on New Year’s Eve might be a challenge, but a great way to kick off the new year, won’t you say? Champagne would taste so much better after an 8 mile run! 🙂

  3. November 17, 2011 12:09 pm

    “Wow, great blog.Really thank you!”


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