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Eric’s Anniversary Party

November 2, 2011

Roughly a decade ago, Eric, full of ideas and aspirations, packed up whatever few dorm belongings that he had including a freshly received diploma in Computer Science from University of Maryland and moved cross country to start his dream job and a new life in Redmond, WA (Microsoft’s headquarters).

Ten years later, seasoned with experience and merged into corporate culture, with a growing list of accomplishments and achievements under his name – creator of Fiddler, winner of an Engineering Excellence award including a photograph with Bill Gates, famous for his work on IE, Eric has become a minor-celebrity in the tech geek world. Unlike me, when you bing or google “Eric Lawrence” you will see my Eric in the top results. Smile They say behind every successful man, there is a very smart, talented, powerful, brilliant woman… Well, the Fiddler community might feel otherwise and see me as a wicked witch who put a spell on the knight in shining armor and locked him up in castle instead of letting him roam free and fix Fiddler bugs.

To celebrate a decade worth of contribution to the company, Eric plus guest got invited to a ten-year award dinner at Experience Music Project. EMP is a weird looking artsy building located right downtown Seattle next to the Space Needle.


(recycling and reusing one of the photos I took of EMP during my friend Roz’s visit)


The event was targeted to a specific audience (it takes a certain type of individual to work at Microsoft, read NERD) as we were greeted by Storm Troopers.


I was skeptical about the food menu, as corporate functions are not known for the best selection, but I was very pleased with the Wolfgang Puck-catered buffet.

Fabulous cheese, fruit, nut platters and pomegranate salad:


Roasted chicken in citrus glaze and pumpkin mac & cheese were just some of the small plates for us to pick at during the night.


I stuck to my favorites -  fruits, chicken and cheese. Yum!


While Eric sampled pretty much everything


After dinner, it was time for a “very special guest”. Who might that be? Could it actually be Steve Ballmer?


Steve gave a 15 minute congratulatory speech. Did you know that my hubby is older than Windows XP and XBOX (in Microsoft years of course)?

We spent another two hours browsing through the party entertainment rooms and mingling with a couple of folks we knew from work. We took some fun costume-themed pictures (but we only got hard copies of them and scanning them is just way too much of a hassle, plus they are not that great). We then hung out at the piano room and sang along to some of the old classics like the Piano Man and Teenage Wasteland. We also checked out the BattleStar Galactica exhibition. It was just a matter of time before we came across Darth Vader.


I felt like a high school junior being taken to the prom by my senior boyfriend (just in more casual attire, and no limo, and no drama. On second thought, this was nothing like prom). Now I know what to expect when my time comes Smile 

We had a fun time (totally worth an hour wait in traffic going into the city on a weeknight) and I was still in bed in time for my 6am yoga class the following morning. The next day, Microsoft topped the 25 best companies to work for in the world. Coincidence?!

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