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7.5 Come Back Miles

November 7, 2011

What a gorgeous weekend we had in the Seattle area! Low in the thirties, high in the low fifties, clear skies with breathtaking mountain views. A runner’s dream!

My running group had a long run scheduled for this Saturday, so I joined my trainer and one of my classmates for a loop around Lake Union. We stopped by Gas Works Park for a photo shoot of  Seattle landscape.

8 mile run 

The route reminded me of “See Jane Run” as we passed by familiar neighborhoods. We kept a good pace with an average of 8:50 min/mile.


After the run, my friends went to grab breakfast, while I did an extra mile on my own (I fell 0.5 mile short of the plan but still met my weekly goal overall. If only I could be that dedicated with my diet). I had a busy Saturday ahead filled with errands and house chores, but food comes first!

Lunch was a giant spinach salad filled with veggies, turkey bacon and egg.


On Sunday, with all the house work out of the way, Eric and I were able to relax. After my usual run + yoga morning, we had a chill breakfast at home. I had my favorite omelet of 1 egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese.


We then headed out for a nice walk on the hardly visited Sammamish River trail (I was starting to miss it as I did not run it once all week). Our stroll felt unusually long as we walked the same path that takes me just 20 minutes to run. Good thing we brought the camera to capture some of these scenic fall views.


Check out the size of those leaves?


The Holiday spirit is strong in Redmond as the bridge has already been decorated with lights and wreaths.


Of course, we had to stop by Starbucks to complete our “it’s too darn early for Christmas” tour!

What a great way to finish the first marathon training week!

Week Date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Goal 6-Nov Yoga 3m run Cross 3m run Yoga 5m @ race pace 8m run
Actual 6-Nov Thumbs up 4.5m run + marathon class Yoga 4m run
marathon class
Thumbs up 7.5 m 3.5m @ pace +
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