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My Hero

November 8, 2011

Loss is never easy especially when in a time of  great need. There is no avoiding it, but as much as you try to expect it you are never fully prepared.  The best you can hope for is that you are there to witness the last moments, and make appropriate arrangements as soon as it happens.

Our furnace has been dying for awhile. Last year we had it inspected and the maintenance guy gave it six months to live and recommended we replace it during the summer. We took a mental note to look into it later on and pushed it to the backburner. A few weeks ago, the furnace began making shrieks (of pain) and the rattling noise was increasing to the point of shaking the basement floor. We knew it was coming to an end soon and we were going to lose an integral part of our household. This is where we had a family discussion to take it out of its misery and purchase a new furnace which would be quieter and more efficient. But we were too late with our plan, and last night when I turned up the heat after getting home from work, our old friend made one final cry, a loud thumping noise, blew one last breath and then fell silent.

Conveniently, my horder resourceful husband had stashed a couple of electrical heaters in the garage.


So there we were, all three of us nestled on the coach under blankets next to an electrical heater watching TV. Not too bad, actually kind of nice and intimate. When it was time to migrate over to the bedroom, Eric carefully carried the heater with us.


Watch your step on the stairs


Domino instantly crawled into bed to snuggle for body heat.


I felt like I was back in the Communist Russia where we often did not have heat when I was growing up (but at least there was still hot water in the house Smile). When I woke up and stepped out of our warm and cozy bedroom, I felt like a character from Dr. Zhivago – bundled up in my PJs, sweater, and robe. I am just glad our house is well-insulated and the temperature overnight did not drop below 30.

Further investigation revealed that the small plastic ring broke inside the furnace (have no idea what it’s used for [eric] it cools the inducer motor) and was spinning around causing the malfunction. Evidence was carefully bagged and Eric was able to find a shop with the replacement a few miles from our house after spending a few hours sorting through websites that offered to sell the part for $3… plus 56$ for overnight shipping.


First thing in the morning Eric, was out the door to pick up the part. Within 15 minutes the furnace was on and running like new! I was so blown away with my hubby’s handiwork. Some times I am so impressed with how fast he can fix things around the house, and then there are others like secret misplaced holes in our walls that are strategically hidden behind curtains and decorationsSmile


[Jane Asks]: Who is the handy one in your house? Any recently completed house projects?

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