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7 pound itch

November 18, 2011

Don’t you hate putting on your jeans and having to suck in your belly to button them up or or buckle your belt a notch bigger? I do. I hate it so much that there are often screams, cries and obscene language coming out of our bedroom as I  dress for work. I don’t know how my weight ran away from me?! You are probably thinking – duh! Have you seen your food entries from your recent vacations to London and Whistler? It’s amazing the same pants still fit after all that eating! And you are absolutely right! But I still remember the day I was at my goal weight like it was yesterday (in reality it was back in the summer after I trained and finished my half marathon).

I wasn’t really very strict with my diet back then, but I must have shocked my body with all the running I was doing, so fat just started melting off. It did not take long for my body to realize that the running thing was becoming more frequent so it started storing fat for energy to run even more. At the same time, my brain was saying “Go ahead eat whatever you like. You’ve been running hard, you deserve it.” And the rolls started growing. First around the belly, then the waist, then love handles, and finally the back (which I hate the most) and that’s how you make a muffin top that I now need to carefully pack into my pants every morning before doing up the zipper.

In case you are not familiar with the “muffin top” concept.


Well muffin top no more! Time to get the issue under control (no way I am buying bigger size jeans!) As much as I love my readers, you guys have been going way too easy on me. I need serious accountability.

I was introduced to Weight Watchers back in 2007 by a co-worker who lost close to 100 lbs. It took me roughly 7 months to lose 20 lbs, and I felt great. I vowed to stay within the new weight and gave away all my “fat” clothing. (You’ve probably read this part at my About page). Back then Weight Watchers was getting a bunch of criticism as the program was heavily focused on the calorie intake, so a 100 calorie bag of chips had the same points as a medium size apple. Earlier this year Weight Watchers revised their program to incorporate more healthy eating guidelines called Points Plus.

The new program includes a number of changes:

  • Forget the calories. Points are calculated based on fat, protein, carb and fiber content as there’s been lots of research done to show that foods high in protein and fiber and low in carb and fat lead to faster weight loss. I am all for that line of thinking as you’ve seen: Low carb challenge, Shredding, Dukan diet.
  • Fruits and non-starchy veggies are zero points. Now we are talking! No more guilty feelings when reaching for an apple. It’s obvious that I did not gain weight from eating eat too many baby carrots– it’s the carrot cake to blame Smile with tongue out.
  • Because points are calculated differently, my daily points allowance is higher and so are the value of many carb rich fatty foods, while the healthier foods remained the same points value (chicken breast, avocado, nuts, etc.)

After reading up on the new program and following it this week, I am happy to report weight loss of 2.4lbs my first week! I am stoked! Open-mouthed smile

What went well:

  • I weighed, measured and tracked everything I ate
  • I exercised every day and accumulated 57 activity points (I chose not to eat my activity points to expedite my results and avoid a “false” sense of deserving extra food just because I worked out)
    Week Date Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
    Goal 13-Nov Yoga 3 m run Cross 3 m run Yoga 5 m run 9
    Actual 13-Nov Yoga 4.5 m run Yoga 6 m run Yoga 10 m run Yoga
  • I followed healthy guidelines and got the required fruit, veggie, oil/fat, dairy servings.
  • Most days I stayed within the daily target of 29 points
  • Drinking tea after lunch (I recently discovered cinnamon tea at our work kitchen. It seems to really satisfy any sweet tooth afternoon cravings for me.)


  • Drinking way too much beer last Saturday (20 pts. Yikes!)
  • Eating 2 servings of ice cream instead of just 1 on Wednesday

Goals for next weigh-in:

  • Stick to the marathon training plan
  • Prepare mentally for tackling the holidays (I’ll let you know how it goes)
  • Stay within daily points early in the week with minimal splurge later in the week to account for the holidays

[Jane Asks]: What strategies have been successful in getting you through the holidays without adding extra inches to your waistline?

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  1. Mark permalink
    November 19, 2011 12:16 am

    Congratulations on your weight loss this week!

    Help with accountability:

    What do you plan on doing to ensure your body doesn’t go back into “fat storing” mode again? How will you keep on top of that to make sure it’s not happening?

    How are you modifying the WW plan to account for the large amount of exercise that you’re getting?

    Do you think you can keep up the weighing/measuring/tracking thing long term, or do you need to figure out a different way to keep tabs on your diet?

    Was there anything specific that happened on Wednesday that caused you to eat 2 servings of ice cream vs. 1? In the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t seem like much of a regret. You can’t cut out all of the good stuff.

    How I get through the holidays without adding inches:

    The combination of the holidays + travel + family can often be very stressful. I find that it’s best to avoid all 3 at the same time.

    Other stuff:

    Whenever I find my pants getting tighter, I blame the high temperature on my dryer for shrinking them. And then I buy cheaper (and bigger) pants.

    For the belt – Best. Idea. EVER. You make your own notches, don’t let those things control you!

    20 pints of beer does seem like a lot for a day (or even a week). One step closer to an intervention for you.

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