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Live and Let Live

December 20, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Groupon sent me the deal of a lifetime:


GnR is one of my favorite rock bands that I have listened to ever since I was 7 years old and found a tape in my dad’s car. Each song brings back special memories. I bought my first car while listening to November rain. My air guitar move had its first appearance in public to Sweet Child of Mine at a college bar. My high school boyfriend broke up with me while playing Patience and Don’t Cry for me on the phone. So without hesitation I purchased two tickets. On Friday I was so excited to finally see GNR live that we arrived to KeyArena an hour before the show, leaving extra time to pick up our tickets and a few refreshments.


I was ready to rock out!


Little did I know that no rock concert ever starts on time, and at 9pm we were still waiting around for the opening band to come on stage. Loaded was opening and it is a relatively new Seattle-based band led by Duff McKagan who is best known for his twelve year career as lead bassist for GnR. (I had a bunch of time to kill waiting for the concert to begin, so I was doing some research on Wikipedia Smile). The only song that I’ve ever heard Duff sing was “Fall to pieces” that he did a few years back with Velvet Revolver.


Loaded was loud and not very good and nobody knew their songs, so we were all counting minutes until Axl would take the stage. We were anxious as based on his performance history, there was a chance Axl might never show. Apparently there were three incidents in the past that resulted in angry fan riots and damages in hundreds of thousands due to Axl bailing at the last minute (assuming the wikipedia article is accurate).

By 10:30pm, the GnR finally took the stage with a grand entrance! There were fireworks and jets of fire in the background while Axl in his iconic rocker outfit – bandana, boot cut jeans, black leather jacket – was moving the crowd. For a fifty year old, he is in amazing shape. He was dancing, jumping, running at every song.


They played lots songs from Appetite for Destruction and a few from their new album – Chinese Democracy, which I was not familiar with.


Come midnight the band was still going strong with Axl on his third costume change (all that rocking made him pretty sweaty), but after a long week at work and a big day ahead, Eric and I decided to leave early. Sadly, we probably missed out on our favorite classics like Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain. Good thing I just happened to have the greatest hits in my car CD player and so we rocked to GNR all the way home.


I woke up early on Saturday to do a 14 mile run for the week. I was expecting to be slow and tired as I barely got 6 hours of sleep, but amazingly this was my fastest long run this training season. 13.75 miles in 2:01 with average speed of 8:58 min per mile. I spent the rest of the day getting dolled up for our Holiday party which was held at Sheraton hotel downtown Seattle. The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland.


I was disappointed as a giant smoking caterpillar never showed up.


I don’t remember such a good-looking couple in the cast of Alice in Wonderland Smile


The party was ok, but lacked in comparison to Eric’s Ten Year anniversary that was fresh in our minds. My checklist for a good party is pretty simple:

  • delicious food (with healthy options)
  • unlimited alcohol (makes it for fun people-watching as the night progresses)
  • good entertainment (a live band or a good DJ to get the crowd started)

Even though this year’s holiday party had some cool decorations and acrobats doing splits while hanging upside down from the ceiling, it fell short on all the three criteria. One of these years they’ll get it right.

[Jane Asks]: Any holiday parties you’ve attended recently or in your near future?

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  1. December 21, 2011 10:45 pm

    How fun that you went to that Concert! I went to a holiday party recently at a champagne bar, and while it was fun, there was not enough food to keep people on course if you know what I mean! I left after two glasses and apparently it was all down hill from there!

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