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Positive encounter

January 9, 2012

This morning I had an unexpectedly happy encounter with my scale. We are like two high school friends that used to be very close but with time drifted apart and for some reason don’t tend to like one another anymore but still keep up appearances most of the time whenever we have a run-in.


No matter how much I mentally prepare, I tend to dread weighing myself, as the number is never what I  desire expect it to be. Mondays are especially bad, as  I am coming off a weekend which often includes splitting at least one bottle of wine with my hubby (70% for me and 30% for him). I can’t even recall the last Monday where I did not have a gain … until today. Despite my usual wine indulgence and two dinner outings with friends last week, I still managed to lose 6lbs. I could not believe the number (so I made Eric weigh himself, to make sure our scale was still working right).

(In case you are wondering, last Friday was Rachel’s birthday and we surprised her with a shopping spree and a nice dinner out. Here are a couple of before and after pictures.)

Before: Rachel in the fitting room blowing out candlesAfter: Rachel in her new dress on the way to dinner

I fully embrace my ability to gain/lose weight for challenges like the Biggest Loser which drives me crazy on regular days. It’s not uncommon for me to gain 5lbs-8lbs of “vacation” weight when away from home, and over the years I have learned the tricks to take those pounds off just as quickly after I am back. I definitely let myself indulge over the holidays and on January 2 (for the initial weigh-in) my weight was up in its usual high range.

(I had to make a second apple cake for just Eric and I after it was such a hit at the Chrismukkah party. Eric is counting the days to the next Chrismukkah already):


So how did I drop 6lbs?!

  1. Track calories and monitor food intake. I used to enter my calories and stuck mostly to power foods from the weight watchers handbook (lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, nonfat dairy). I’d have pumpkin oatmeal or egg white omelets for breakfast. Turkey sandwiches and veggies or salad with chicken for lunch. For snacks, Greek yogurt + berries, apples + almonds, cheese string. Dinners mostly consisted of some lean protein (turkey, chicken) + good carb (sweet potato, brown rice) + green steamed veggie (green beans, broccoli).
  2. Don’t overeat after dinner while watching TV. For me the evening meal is not complete until I have dessert, so this week I made lots of sugar free jell-o and puddings. They are actually pretty satisfying, especially when you add light whipped cream on top and a few berries. Afterwards, I chew a piece of gum to resist late night snacking.
  3. Work out like a maniac. I burned 8300 calories last week. My body does not respond well to hunger, so I need to eat (for the sake of those around me). Since I like food so much, I need to compensate with extra workouts. 2 hour workouts are becoming a norm, which is not just goodness for weight loss but most importantly for my endurance training for my upcoming marathon.
    On average, I’ve been eating about 1400-1700 calories a day (so don’t think I was starving myself for the weight loss)
  4. Calories are not equal. There’s been conflicting messages around calorie counting. Some say it does not matter what you eat as long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight (that was the old school approach). The new school of thought is that calories are not the same. Certain foods “burn” through your body faster and are less likely to get stored as fat vs. others. I can certainly attest to that. 150 calories apple, 150 glass of wine, 150 calorie cookie, each affect my body differently.  Apple is no biggie, wine is a watch out zone, because it leads to overeating the more I drink, but cookie is where the danger lies, as it instantly gets converted into chub – there is a cookie on a tray and there it is on Jane’s behind.  
  5. Keep it lean and green. This one I picked up from Bob Harper. (Sometimes when I am in the gym I pretend that Bob is there with me just like in the real game show. Reading his book might have sparked my imagination.)

    Cutting out carbs at night (although very hard to do at any point of the day) seems to lean me out faster.
  6. Resist the scale. As tempting as it is to monitor your progress in real life, I try to stay away from the scale on hourly daily basis and limit the weigh-ins to just twice a week. The number on the scale is very powerful and even when you do everything 100% right it can bring you down as it’s not going dropping fast enough or due to normal body fluctuations you might even be slightly up one day. I stick to my plan on and wait until the weigh-in day to have an element of surprise (just like on the show Smile).

[Jane Asks]: How are your fitness and weight loss resolutions progressing?

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  1. kristin tidd permalink
    January 10, 2012 7:05 am

    Awesome work & 6lbs on you is a great percentage. I think the whole time I did the program I only had 1 or 2 big weeks like that. Its super exciting/motivating to see a big payoff on the scale. That is 6 less pounds to carry at RnR this weekend so you should be super speedy.

  2. IT Dame permalink
    January 10, 2012 7:06 am

    I have not seen Rachel for almost two years. She looks fabulous! Do not like this word …but WOW! Very well done! Bodacious! Happy Birthday!

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