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Take me to the desert

January 13, 2012

Take me down to the Rock’N’Roll City where the girls are fast and the Grand Canyon’s pretty…

It’s almost race time! I have not raced since my full marathon in October so I am a bit anxious, a touch tired (from a long week at work), and a bulkload excited to head to Phoenix to complete my first Rock’N’Roll half marathon. I am trying to tell myself that racing is just for fun to avoid the pressure of a particular time goal, but secretly in my head I am hoping to beat my previous time (1h49m). With 6 months of rigorous training, a full marathon under my belt, a flatter course and stronger leg muscles,  I should expect to do better!? My runner friends have forewarned me that I should not get disappointed if I don’t PR as this particular RNR race is very popular and gets very crowded, which might lead to a slower start.

I will be heading to Phoenix on Saturday morning, which means I am spending my Friday night rushing around the house trying to locate all the necessary items. First thing first, got to wash my running clothes.


I am attempting to pack light as I usually tend to overpack and return with half the suitcase unworn (and I am cheap and don’t want to spend extra $25 each way to check luggage).


It’s a bittersweet moment as I pack my trusted and true NB890s. They will be retired after this race as the treads on the soles have completely worn out which means the cushioning is all gone.


I don’t do a good job keeping track of the mileage on the shoes. Ideally, running shoes should be replaced every 300 miles or once a year (whatever comes first). I know it has not been a year since I got these shoes (I can still remember how excited I was taking them out of the box). I guess I’ve hit over 300 miles already. Not to worry, I have two new pairs eagerly waiting to hit the road (I went with NB790 (model prior to 890) and NB759 for more stability).


I am a New Balance girl. A lot of their shoes are made in the USA (which is very uncommon these days) and they are tight yet roomy enough to accommodate the changes in my feet during the run. They have good arch support without leading to blisters and I often find a good deal on them. What else can this runner gal ask for?

I turn into a finicky eater on the day before the race. I strongly believe that what you eat the few days prior to the race has a major effect on how the race goes. I prep Overnight Oats to enjoy on the way to the airport; a sandwich (whole wheat bread, reduced sodium turkey, spinach, Jarlsburg), veggies and a couple of fruits, and nuts for snacks later. I will need to find a Chinese place in Tempe that serves brown rice, steamed veggies and chicken for dinner. Any suggestions? I am also bringing my usual (peanut butter, bananas, whole wheat bread) for Sunday morning.


Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, the marathon stick and the Epson salts for sore muscles before and/or after race.


Now I am all set. Time to catch a breath and relax with my friend Joe before heading to bed.


[Jane Asks]: Are you a good packer? Do you have any tips for packing just the right amount of stuff?

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  1. kristin tidd permalink
    January 13, 2012 8:34 pm

    Good luck Jane!! Can’t wait to hear about it – have a great time. I loved my RnR it is such a fun race to do. Plus you will miss out in the cold & supposed snow here this weekend.

  2. Mark permalink
    January 13, 2012 9:40 pm

    Good luck!

    As far as the food, didn’t you see the recent story about the lady that had a cupcake confiscated? Don’t know how you plan on getting all of that food through.

    • January 14, 2012 4:52 am

      Common now, cupcake has icing (a potential weapon of destruction). I make I don’t bring anything liquid or creamy, so no yogurt and I’ll be finishing my overnight oats before going through security. I’ve travelled with this lunch a few times and it was not a problem in the past.

  3. January 14, 2012 4:06 pm

    Good luck!! Have an awesome race! PS: Loved The Hunger Games!!

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