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Small Diet Changes from SHAPE

January 16, 2012

Shape Magazine

Once in a while when I am at gym doing an elliptical workout, I’ll pick up a magazine to flip through. Last week I came across a SHAPE magazine that someone left behind. I tried subscribing to SHAPE and FITNESS magazines but I find that most of the time their article content is repetitive and they have more ads than content pages (they might as well make those magazines free considering all the ad revenue).

I much prefer looking for fitness articles online as you can pick and chose how deep you want to learn about a particular subject. Anyway, I came across these nutritional tips that I though I’d pass along (so you don’t completely die from boredom) while I am running around the desert.

I love the idea of adding lemon to water. I’ll have to start bringing a bottle of cold water with lemon to work. After I read up a bit on psyllium, I’ll definitely pick some up on my next trip to Whole Foods. This stuff seems even more powerful than Chia seeds. I often struggle with listening to my hunger level. I either eat too fast– where I sense fullness 20 minutes after I’ve already polished off the entire plate (or two) or I just drown out any natural signals and keep on eating as it tastes too good to stop. 

[Jane Asks]: Which of the suggested diet changes do you follow already? Which do you want to incorporate more?

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