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Beery 20 miles

February 7, 2012

Two weeks ago, when Seattle was covered with 8 inches of snow, I would have never guessed that I’d be doing my 20 mile long run in a tank top, worrying that I hadn’t put on sunblock. I secretly hoped that the weather would be good enough to run outside (the 18 miles on the treadmill that I did two weeks earlier were torturous), but I was not expecting clear skies, bright sunlight, a warm breeze, and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the first week of February.

This was my first 20 miler. During my last training season, I had to cut the 20 miles short to 18 due to the heat (there seems to be a correlation between long runs and the sun). The plan was to run 3 miles to the gym (my usual route) where I met up with one of my running buddies and we did an 11 mile loop together, returning back to the gym at exactly 11am. There we picked up another friend who was looking for a shorter run of 6 miles at 9-9:30 min/mile. We headed back to the Sammamish River trail but this time in the opposite direction towards Woodinville. We ended 20 miles, sprinting the last 0.25 mile at 6:50 min/mile, right to the door step of  the Redhook Brewery. Coincidence or careful route mapping? I’ll let you ponder Smile


20 miles in 3 hours. Not too shabby! If I play my cards right, I might just break a sub 4 in Napa.


Eric, my knight in shining dirty armor Corolla, was waiting in the parking lot to join us for lunch. Sweaty and thirsty we rolled into the brewery (good thing we had a booth all to ourselves away from the crowd Smile)

One of the best recovery meals -  turkey burger on whole wheat bun, avocado, a side salad and a glass of Redhook’s Blonde Ale.


In case you ever doubt the runner’s high, here is a glowing picture of me to prove it Smile


During lunch we shared stories of our past races and travel experiences for awhile, until hunger was contained and hot showers become the next priority. We piled into Eric’s car and headed back to the gym to drop off Eduard and Wendy. We had such a great time that we are doing it all over again but a bit shorter distance of 15-17 miles. Turns out while bragging about what an experienced runner I’ve become and how I no longer need to carefully plan my training schedule, I somehow missed a whole week of runs. My plan jumped straight from Jan-15 to Jan-29th. Now I have a week of improvising with a few distances before I begin to taper down.

On Sunday, I was surprised how good I felt. I was not starving (which is usually what happens the day after a long run). A larger recovery meal is definitely the way to go. After a quick breakfast of banana wrapped in a tortilla smeared with PB, I headed to the gym for an easy cross training session on the elliptical machine and straight to yoga for a long stretch.

With the workout out of the way, it was time to prepare for the big game. We were expecting a few friends over, so I prepped easy and as nutritious snacks as you can get away with on Super Bowl Sunday: corn cheese puffs, pistachios, honey pretzels, pita chips, veggie platter, and hummus.


Since the Super Bowl starts at3:30pm PST, we usually order sandwiches for a late lunch. This time we tried a sandwich platter from the Local Market which conveniently included free delivery.


The bread was a bit too dense for my liking, but I was impressed with the condiments platter – spicy Dijon mustard, dill pickles, and caramelized onions.


We are not big football fans. The Super Bowl is the one game we watch a year and that is mainly because of the funny commercials. The winner of this year’s funniest commercial goes to Dannon:

A couple of other good ones you might have missed if you were too focused on the game

[Jane asks]: What was your favorite commercial?

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