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August 22, 2012

Since Eric and I have been together, we’ve attended a handful of weddings as a couple. We bonded with Eric’s family during Jay and Erin’s celebration. We sang along to Bon Jovi with Sharon and Mike in Maryland. We walked along the California beach at sunset with Dave and Sarah. We ferried in Lake Ontario to panoramic views of Toronto with Jeff and Rino. And this weekend we dodged the golf carts and marveled at breath taking views of Seattle and Lake Washington from Newcastle Golf Club with Ritika and Merzin. I am always amazed what a small world we live in. Both Eric and I know Ritika from work. She actually resides in my old office, and Merzin and I were in the same engineering class at the University of Waterloo. Of course I did not realize our old college bond until a few months after meeting Merzin when he quietly mentioned that he already knew me. Oh, shame on me and not remembering my iron ring brothers! (In case you are not familiar, here is wikipedia’s explanation of the engineering iron ring.)

The best part about weddings (besides witnessing two people coming together to share the rest of their life in unity and proclaiming their eternal love for each other) – is getting to dress up! Smile I had three outfits to choose from: party, classy and trendy. Based on Eric’s vote, I wore my trendy look – Rory Beca silk dress and Stuart Weitzman heels.


The event was perfectly planned and timed to the T. Two Microsoft Program managers getting married, so we wouldn’t expect anything less. Winking smile 


The cocktail hour and speeches rolled straight into the sunset, when the guests got to enjoy the sunlit horizon as a bagpipe played.



As a prior bride I have full appreciation for small details like programs, centerpieces, colors, theme, etc. and Ritika did a beautiful job with all of that.


A really cool idea was the the Fun Stuff section in the Welcome packet. It listed trivia questions about the bride and groom such as their favorite TV shows, cities, and music. It was a great conversation starter with everyone sitting at the table. Even after all the group effort and Facebook-cheating, we still only got two questions right.

Weddings are when you get to find out intimate and somewhat embarrassing moments about the bride and the groom during the best man and maid of honor speeches and this time was no exception. The speeches had us chuckling and tearing up all at the same time. One of the things we found out is that when Ritika and Merzin first started dating they wanted to keep their new relationship on the down low, so when attending social gatherings together, they kept telling everyone they were just carpoolers. 


This reminded me of Eric’s and I coming out moment at one of the holiday parties. We worked on the same team at the time, so we kept our relationship very secret the first couple of months (at least I tried. According to our friends Eric would light up like a bulb every time I’d pass him in the hallway). Eventually it was time for the holiday party, and Eric was supposed to pick me up. He showed up at my door with a college graduate that our team just hired, pretending we were carpool buddies. The new guy just kept telling everyone at the party what a friendly team we are. Winking smile

The entire night flew by while we partied and cheered with our hearts filled with joy for Ritika and Merzin. They are a great couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness! Cheers! Martini glass (Ironically, the emoticon in Windows Live Writer does not have a champagne or a wine glass, but only a martini glass, which happened to be my drink of the night Smile).


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  1. August 22, 2012 7:52 pm

    Great post! I miss them! You looked amazing! 🙂

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