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Fiddler On The Move

September 17, 2012

Big news – We are moving to Austin, Texas! After 11 and 6 years respectively, Eric and I are trading the rainy days, grey clouds, evergreen trees and snowy mountains for hot summers, sunny winters, rolling hills and manmade lakes.

Why such a sudden and big change?

Debugging with Fiddler: The complete reference from the creator of the Fiddler Web DebuggerEric has been offered an exciting opportunity as a .NET developer to work on Fiddler, a project that he started as a hobby eight years ago. It has now grown to millions of downloads. Fiddler is a network debugger that allows a web application developer “fiddle” with traffic to troubleshoot network issues and improve application performance. The web development community has embraced Fiddler with great passion as there is no other tool as powerful and flexible as Fiddler for network debugging. Over the years, Eric has received lots of recognition for the tool, including an Engineering Excellence award from Bill Gates. He has become quite a celebrity among the web developers, and it’s not unusual for folks to come shake his hand and express their appreciation at random places like house-warming parties and restaurants (which is weird and awkward for everyone).  He has also attended numerous tech conferences to talk about Fiddler and its features. Since I picked up running and spent numerous hours training for marathons, Eric used the “free from Jane” time to publish a Fiddler book that has sold over a thousand copies in three months and is being translated into Chinese and Korean. All and all I could not be more proud of my hubby and my adopted Fiddler child.

As Fiddler’s market share increased, so did the interest from the industry and a few months ago Eric was approached by Telerik to join forces in making Fiddler the best it can be. At first Eric was hesitant as he was uncertain about whether I’d be open to quitting my job and relocating to Austin, TX where his new position would be. Considering that in the three decades of my life, I have lived in three different countries, moving roughly every 6 years, I am not fazed by moving one bit and I’m quite accustomed to exploring new places and meeting new folks.

Marriage is an interesting thing. If ten years ago, somebody would have told me that I’d be quitting my job right after getting promoted to follow my husband into the wilderness of Texas, I’d laugh in their face and call them crazy. Back in university, I was extremely competitive (I guess I still am, hence my passion for racing Smile), career-motivated and (I’ll admit now) a bit lot selfish. But as time passes by, I learn the true meaning of love and what it takes to be a life partner. It’s no longer about individual accomplishments. Now we make decisions that are best for both of us (something I was completely oblivious to in my younger years).

So here we are, moving to Austin in the middle of October. While Eric will be jumping right into his new role, I will keep plenty busy with project managing the move: downsizing our belongings, finding a moving company, selling and buying houses, packing and unpacking, canceling and activating services and most importantly building a new life for us in Austin. Once we get settled in our new home, I can’t wait to get back into a consistent blogging routine and tell you all about our new adventures.

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  1. September 17, 2012 10:56 pm

    Congrats! That is awesome! You never me told Eric was a celebrity! Enjoy the ride!


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