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I Spy iPhone 5

September 21, 2012
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While most folks were still snoozing or just starting their morning’s getting ready routine, my husband of the year was preciously guarding a top 20 position at an ATT store.

After hearing all the press about iPhone 5, the plan was for Eric to be in line by 6am, while I was going to run to the store and meet him there at 7. I ended up delaying my departure for daylight to break, while Eric was patiently waiting and fitting nice into the crowd watching Damages on his iPad. After a few iPhone releases, AT&T employees were well-prepared with snacks and drinks on hand. When I arrived a handful of folks were wrapping up their sleeping bags, but there was really no need to camp overnight. The line did not get much longer than 50 people. Once the store opened at 8am, they let the first twelve customers in, pairing each employee with a customer right away. As soon as a transaction was completed, a free employee would take the next person inside the store. There was a definite push for accessories as AT&T guys make more money that way. They offered reduced pricing and special bundles, but I settled just for the sleek white box.



The new design has a bigger screen, so it’s a bit taller (approximately 2×5 inches) but it’s 18% thinner (less than 0.25 inch).



I can’t believe how excited I was to buy this new gadget (I stood in a line and it was not even a designer shoe sale)! I’ve been using a Samsung Focus Windows Phone for almost two years now and it’s taken quite a beating. In all fairness it held up well after taking a couple of swims in a toilet bowl and being dropped repeatedly on pavement and tile flooring. After being dried out in a bowl of rice, it still worked, but periodically constantly rebooted when playing Solitaire or getting Facebook updates or just because it felt like it. About two weeks ago, it  took its final fall, indicating its desire to be laid to rest by shattering the screen. The AT&T folks smiled pityingly and shook their heads as I inquired about a $40 trade-in credit, so I still get to keep my old friend. A reminder to be careful with my new purchase (despite the AppleCare package Eric insisted we get).

It’s sad to see my old phone next to the shiny iPhone. Disregarding the busted face, it’s still quite a bit wider and fatter, with its protruding “beer-gut” screen.


In the second layer of the box were a USB cable, a wall charger and a pair of headphones.


The USB connector had a super cool device plug. Both sides were exactly the same with 8 embedded pins on each. This is lot more robust compared to Micro-B as pins can’t bend, and the plug can be inserted either way into the port. (Should still avoid stepping and wheeling over it with a desk chair.)


Finally, the headphones have been redesigned! I hated the original round pods which I’d have to jam into my ears until they’d turn bright red and stick out like Shrek’s, and even then they would constantly fall out. The headphones came in their own little plastic case, which is handy for storing and transporting.


The headphones’ cone-like shape can finally stay in my ears comfortably.


Because I was eligible for a hardware upgrade and renewed my contract for additional 2 years, the price for 16G version came to $199 (plus $100 for AppleCare), a steep tag of $299+tax. Luckily, the monthly service fee stayed the same. I instantly felt cooler, sporting such a hot accessory.


After unpacking the device, it was time to casually pull it out in front of co-workers, waiting for a gushing “Is that the new iPhone?”… “Oh, yes it is” Smile

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  1. kristin tidd permalink
    September 21, 2012 6:30 pm

    Ooo, so jealous – Randy finally agreed to let me “downgrade” to an iPhone after the new win 8 phones come out.

  2. Sharon permalink
    September 21, 2012 10:03 pm

    how does it compare weight wise to the samsung?

    • September 22, 2012 5:06 am

      It is lighter than Focus. It also feels sturdier. It reminds me of Zune HD but bigger in scale.

  3. September 24, 2012 7:37 am

    Are you liking it? I’m in the middle of rewatching Season 2 of Damages before I move to Season 3! 🙂

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