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Last Supper

October 25, 2012

To bid farewell to the Pacific Northwest, Eric and I went on our last date to Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar. I could not think of a more perfect place – Seastar features fresh seafood and local ingredients. It was also the first “fancy” Seattle restaurant that I went to shortly after joining Microsoft, so I was ending my Northwest fine dining experience just the way it began 6 years ago.

We got to the restaurant a bit early, just in time to grab a few Happy Hour specials like the Ahi Poke and Chilled Shrimp.


For dinner we split crab cakes with organic greens and scallops with butternut squash, grapefruit and couscous.


And as usual we drank our desert making funny faces at each other (and the camera).


The next evening we were out again to say goodbye to some of our closest friends.  



We continued on with the Northwest cuisine, this time at Coho Café. My last supper in Seattle was the iconic Coho salmon with seasonal vegetables.


As a going-away gift, our friends put together a Texas gift bag with useful books about Austin and fun Texas regalia, including “Don’t Mess with Texas” keychains and his-and-her belt buckles. My favorite was a digital display belt buckle which can be programed to blink a custom message. (I am sure it will come in handy any day now.)


It was a memorable evening filled with laughs, stories, vacation plans and tight goodbye hugs. We’ve grown so close together over the years celebrating holidays, big life milestones, and small day-to-day victories. With Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, and blogs, staying in touch is easier than it’s ever been. But no matter how advanced the technology is, it can’t compete with knowing that your friends are just around the corner and if you need them for whatever absurd reason (company, venting session, random idea), they’ll be by your side in less than 15 minutes (plus/minus ten minutes depending on traffic). We will miss our tight circle of friends, but we are hopeful that we will get to spend quality time together. (Alaska Air offers a non-stop SEA-AUS flight under $250).


Good bye Pacific Northwest! Texas here we come…

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