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The Drive

November 1, 2012

On Saturday October 6, with the car fully packed and three GPS-capable devices in hand, we headed southeast to our new home in Austin, TX.


The drive was approximately 2300 miles door-to-door. I had the morning shifts and Eric took over after lunch. Domino meowed loudly as soon as she got into the car, but after the first ten minutes passed and she realized we weren’t just headed down the block to the vet, the real panic set in. The high-pitched meows turned into deep throated howls and fast “puppy like” breathing with her mouth half open. She patrolled the car, occasionally looking out of the windows which would only get her more worked up. Eventually she found her spot and settled in for a nap. The naps did not last long as she’d raise her objections angrily any time there was a turn or a pothole in the road.


One day two, Domino calmed down more quickly (my sunlit warm lap was a great soother). As long as I held her tightly to minimize the car movement and petted the back of her ear, she stayed comfortably nestled for hours.


Eating on the road can be tricky, especially when it comes to vegetarian options. Luckily Subway makes a great veggie sandwich. Add some fresh avocado and you have a great and balanced vegan option. Satisfying vegan dinners, on the other hand, are not easy to come by, so I caved in the first night and indulged in a steak with steamed veggies at Idaho’s Outback. Girl needs her iron once in awhile.


The second night, we pushed our driving time since Domino was napping most of the afternoon, so we ended up on a two lane highway on the border between Colorado and Oklahoma with no signs of life. Forty miles later, we came across a small don’t-blink-or-you-will-miss-it town. We stopped at a single pump gas station along the road and Good Shepherd’s diner for dinner. We were the only visitors that night. The place was run by an old couple. The menu looked shady, but there was a vegetarian special – grilled cheese and vegetable soup. It’s been a long time since I had thick white WonderBread with American processed slice “cheese” melted in the middle. (It used to be my midnight snack staple back in college.)  This was no time to be picky. On the other hand, the soup was fantastic. It was truly homemade resembling a stew with big chunks of veggies and beans.


On day three, we woke up early and were excited to find ourselves already in Texas. Texas is the second largest state in US (Alaska is number 1) so it took us 8 more hours to get to Austin. Texas is a great state to drive in (State pride is already rubbing off on me). The roads are wide and endless, the skies are bright blue, the speed limit is 70-75 mph, and there are often hardly any cars around.


When we finally made our way up the hill where our house is situated, we all exhaled a sigh of relief. We made it alive, still married, with Domino a bit carsick but hanging on.


Domino was especially excited to be out of the car, on stable ground, and a few hours later she was feeling right at home. The best part about pets is that they love you unconditionally. Even after you put them through three days of driving torture, she was snuggled next to us happily purring the following night.


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  1. Mark permalink
    November 1, 2012 10:25 pm

    “On day three, we woke up early and were excited to find ourselves already in Texas” So did you just black out at some point in the drive? Just wondering how you could both be asleep while driving. I don’t think Domino can reach the pedals. Glad to see that you guys made it there safely (and are still married!).

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