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Cookie Salami

December 14, 2012

When I was little, my grandma came across a recipe for Chocolate Kielbasa (as she called it). The recipe required chocolate, hazelnut, butter, and milk to be melted in a sauce pan. We then added cookie crumbs and rolled the gooey mixture into a log shaped like a kielbasa. Although I enjoyed every last crumb, my grandma was not too keen on it. It did not gel well with the Russian style blintzes, perogies, and apple cakes.

Years later, I encountered my old friend again when my roommate’s mom visited our student housing. The Cookie Salami, as it was referred to in English, was a popular Romanian treat. My roommate offered me some, but she quickly regretted it, as I continuously snuck into the fridge for one sliver after another. Next time her mom visited, she brought two logs, one specifically for Jane, but that did not stop me from eating half of my roommate’s one as well. What can I say, Cookie Salami is delicious.Smile

A few days ago I was chatting with my old friend/roommate. She asked if I’ve been making Cookie Salami. Not even once I answered, puzzled– why hadn’t I considered making it? It’s so easy. My mom used Nutella and some social tea biscuits. I should give it a try. Armed with the knowledge of the key ingredients, I decided to improvise on a recipe. After reviewing more authentic Cookie Salami recipes, I figured I’d mix in some nuts and raisins as well. I used a package of tea biscuit cookies about 4 ounces, 1/2 cup of almonds, 1/2 cup of raisins.


The trick is to blend all the dry ingredients to a coarse crumb consistency.


Then mix in Nutella. I worked one scoop at a time until all the dry ingredients got absorbed.


Afterwards, place the goo mixture on a large piece of saran wrap and form it into a log.


The resultant product will look like a salami roll. Refrigerate it for a few hours. To speed the process you can place it in the freezer, but no more than an hour otherwise it gets too hard. Something I learned from my own experience.


It’s best to slice it every 1/4 inch to prevent any crumbling.


Enjoy and try not to eat the entire roll in a day! Smile

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  1. IT Dame permalink
    December 14, 2012 7:14 am

    This is a very traditional dessert from the Soviet Union times. It was made in every Russian family – along with salad ‘Olivie’ – in the early sixties. Your mom grew up with this treat. Your recipe is an american version of it. The authentic ‘Soviet’ recipe each mother passes on to her daughter. Nobody knew of Nutella those days. What is it? It has to be done from scratch ..The Mommy is coming…We have to impress Eric. On the 25th we will make salad ‘Olivie’. chocolate kolbasa, crepes with ground beef… I am open to other suggestions…
    Wishing all readers of your blog a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Wishing you joy and peace this holiday season and always!

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