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First House Remodel

January 3, 2013

This Christmukkah season, Eric and I decided to forgo the usual gift exchange and instead splurge on a mutual gift of new kitchen countertops. Another way of looking at this is – Eric got a pair of jeans and I got new granite countertops and backsplash in the kitchen. Smile

Our new house had cheap plastic countertops and ceramic tile backsplash. Yeek!



The worst part of all was the island electric cooktop with downdraft vent. The cooktop took quite a beating over the years. The heating elements were crooked, so any time I’d try to make an omelet half of it would burn while the other would be underdone. Unacceptable!


Being ex-PMs, Eric and I both brought our strongest skills to the project. I spec’ed and managed a group of contractors. Eric used the precision questioning to poke holes in my plan and provide the final approval. We used AAA Stoneworks and the entire project took 4 days to complete. Jason, the owner of the company, accompanied me to the granite yard and tiling store to help pick the material.

Demolition and granite installation were both done in one day. Of course there was a lot of work done behind the scene by AAA Stoneworks crew to measure, template and cut the granite.


The next two days were spent on backsplash tiling. Each tile had to be cut to accommodate the space, outlets and switches.


A contemporary shaped extra large sink and a brand new glass stove top make both the chef and the dish boy happy Smile


We also tiled the butler pantry.


So far this was the best remodeling project we’ve done. We could not be more pleased with the final results.



Getting the house in order is on the top of our resolution list for 2013. Next on the list is our master bathroom.

[Jane Asks]: Any new projects you have planned for 2013?


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